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When I was a brand new student of A Course in Miracles, I had a hard time understanding what it meant by “turn within”, not in practice, but as a concept. In practice, I turned into my mind: That which contains my beliefs and thoughts. But sometimes I tried to locate this “within” and, being identified with a body, I would become confused. How would I go within the body? This trying to locate “within” eventually dropped away, not because I had a concept that worked, but because all I really needed was the practice. I knew how to “look within” without needing to conceptualize “where”.

Mind has no location and we don’t have words for this. I say mind is “everything” and “everywhere”. But not “everything” as in “all forms” or “everywhere” as in “everyplace”. It is “everything”, as in, “all that is”, and “everywhere”, as in “formlessness”.

(I did not use an uppercase “m” for mind above because what I just wrote is true for mind at all levels).

Sometimes I hear from students who have a hard time, as I did, locating mind or simply understanding the concept of mind. Simply, mind is that with which you know, believe, perceive, and think. That’s all you really need to know. Everyone uses mind constantly and knows the experience of it, even if they cannot conceptualize it.

In Reality, Mind is “Knowledge”. Mind knows only Mind because It is All That is. Therefore, Mind is Truth or Reality. Mind is the same as “Being”. It is the Aspect of Being through Which Being knows Itself. Mind is One, meaning both that It is Whole and that It is the Same throughout. Mind is the Absolute, the Eternal (Timeless), and the Infinite.

But in your perception that you are in a body in a world, mind seems to be in a relative and limited state. Instead of Knowledge, mind has belief, perception (also called awareness or consciousness), and thought. The relative mind is split and has many levels. It is split between a “higher” and a “lower” level, and, within the lower level, conscious, semi-conscious, and unconscious levels.

At its highest level, the relative mind is aware of Truth. This thought system is called Christ Consciousness, True Perception, the Holy Spirit, or, what I prefer, the Awareness of Truth. At this highest level of the relative mind, it knows that the Truth is true. This awareness is past belief, but it is not quite Knowledge. At this level, thoughts and perceptions point to Truth.

At its lower level, the relative mind is in the personal thought system (ego). It is identified with a self (body/personality) as well as the thought system that is about the self.

Since mind is what is, all spiritual growth is the development of the awareness of Truth. Therefore, spirituality and psychology (the study of the mind) are the same. However, many who use psychology, in one form or another, do not think of it as spirituality. They put limits on their use of psychology, only working within the personal thought system. The spiritual use of psychology, however, is to use it to eventually transcend the personal thought system.
Mind goes inward. Even when it seems to believe in forms as reality, the belief is of the mind, not of the forms. It is in denial about what it is (formless), but its denial is within itself. In other words, all minds see only mind, even though they may use forms to disguise this fact. They are always “within”. But “turning within” means consciously choosing to look at mind and its beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and, ultimately, Awareness of Truth.

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hannah said…
i was writing about mind this morning :) last night i saw how there is only mind. the experience came via the recognition that mind in this 'dream' state sees only itself.. projection is extension with denial!! the attempted denial of Mind.. that there is no other because there is no self. so happy.. such peace and calm in this!

this has flowed today into all these connecting images. how the choice for perception is the choice for subjectivity... 'putting' meaning where there is none!
Unknown said…
The "Witness". Is that why stepping back into the position of the "witness" is still suffering? This high level of the relative mind is still only looking and pointing. Still unconscious and suffering.
ACIM Mentor said…
Jacomina, if there's suffering there's judgment. The highest level of "witness" would not suffer.
Unknown said…

AHaaaa. Smiling. Thank you Liz.
will said…
Liz, I will try to ask this correctly if not you will know what I mean. A person is sick. They forgive the sickness in the correct way. Does the forgiveness extend a miracle in a general way or can it be specific to what you are forgiving?
will said…
When Goldsmith did healing he got the phone call but did not want information of any kind. He would get off the phone and Forgive. This would be specific. I know I'm getting close to magic but I think you'll know what I'm driving at.
ACIM Mentor said…
Will, the correction of one's perception (miracle) about the illness would be both specific and general. You would receive a thought that you could apply to the specific illness and recognize the lesson in the thought could be applied to anything else.
Unknown said…

Hey Wil. Good question you've posted. I want to ask something for clarification. Are you trying to correct an illness? Are you applying forgiveness perhaps in hopes of changing the form? If so, it seems opposite to what Liz responds with here. It seems the miracle must be first The change in perception must come first. What is real cannot be threatened and what is not real doesnt even exist.
I've not read Goldsmith but from your statement it sounds like he had a massive change of perception. He didnt forgive the illness, he moved up in consciousness where the illness is non existent. Liz will correct me here. Thanks everyone.
PS, I can certainly see how it can be applied then, generally
ACIM Mentor said…
Jacomina, illness is not a mistake in perception. The perception that a body is real, healthy or ill, is a mistaken perception. There is no hierarchy of body conditions. It is illusory in any condition.

I am uncertain of Goldsmith's experience. Have not read him in decades.
Unknown said…

Liz, help me understand. The misperception is that the body is real. Got that part.
But does it not follow then that illness too is a misperception?
ACIM Mentor said…
Jacomina, yes. My point is students make a distinction between a sick body and a healthy body. *It is all the same.* There is no reason to make a distinction.
Unknown said…

Ok! Got it! Therefore the correction of one's misconception (miracle) can be applied both specifically and generally.

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