Resistance, Obstacles, and Timing

The moment the idea of the opposite-of-Truth (God) arose it was undone by Truth’s all-encompassing nature. But within that idea is time, and in time it seems like the idea arose long ago and will be undone in some indefinite future. So what we experience unfolding as the story of spacetime is the Undoing of the idea of not-Truth (the “Atonement” in A Course in Miracles). That means everything that occurs is part of the Undoing. Some things are obviously a part of it, as in each time Truth breaks into a mind, however briefly. I refer to this as the “manifest Undoing” and those who are conscious of Truth the “manifest undoers”. But everyone else is also playing their part perfectly. They are the “support players” as it were. They are just as necessary to the undoing as the manifest undoers.
            As I have come to understand this, I have become aware that everything happens in the perfect time. Resistance and obstacles in seemingly-individual minds fall away as the story requires, not necessarily in the time the individual would like.
I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I watch this mind. The ego (personal thought system) fell away from all but this conscious mind. I cannot find the structure itself. So I refer to what remains as an echo and describe it as being like the after image left on my retina when I close my eyes after I have stared at something for a while. I have, in the past few months, reviewed in totality the workings of the ego and my relationship to it. I feel, frankly, reamed out when it comes to understanding this mind and its relationship to the ego. There is simply nothing left for me to see or to learn about it.
            At the same time, the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit) in my mind “bleeds through” and informs my experience. It’s like I’ve hit a glass ceiling. I can see the Light on the other side, but I cannot yet fully enter into it. My proximity to the Light is responsible for copious insights, illuminating both the darkness and the Light in this mind. But while this is interesting, no lesson or insight will be responsible for this mind’s shift into the Awareness of Truth. They are only effects and serve no purpose.
To understand this limbo state I’m in, hovering on the edge of shifting fully into the Awareness of Truth, I come to timing. There is nothing wrong. There is nothing to fix. There are no obstacles or resistance left in me except in the echo itself, which I know is not real and speaks only for itself. It is compartmentalized; packed up and ready to be dropped. It is simply that there is more going on in the process within this mind than obstacles that need to fall. And I am not alone. I am in a Holy Relationship with Hannah, who is in her own process. There is an alchemy occurring between us. We both feel we are being rather intensely reworked within. We do not yet feel our relationship is what it is to be. And, stepping back farther, our individual processes and our Holy Relationship are an expression of an even larger story, the Undoing itself. All is happening in good time.
What I am trying to convey here is this: No matter where you are in your process, you are playing your part perfectly. You cannot fail. There is no justification for guilt. You experience your obstacles and resistance as personally significant, but understand that they are part of a larger unfolding. If you are moved to look at them with the Holy Spirit, with or without a mentor or teacher, then do so. If you are not, don’t struggle. It’s not time.
I know what I have just written contradicts what ACIM says about timing. It says the only thing you have control over is “when”. It speaks of the tragedy of delay in time. But keep in mind the Voice was motivating Helen to take down ACIM. It was trying to break through her particular resistance.
I have written about free will before. Here’s a relevant excerpt from February 26, 2016, “More On It Is All Unfolding Perfectly”:

“So where does free will come into this? The self does not have free will. The self is an expression of a will that is free. That will is the will of what I call the “split-mind” and what A Course in Miracles calls the “Son of God”. In the introduction to ACIM about free will it says, ‘Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum.’ This means that you do not get to choose that, in your sense that you are not your true Being (‘separated from God’), you need to relearn What is your true Being. It goes on to say, ‘It (free will) means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.’ This means that each individual self will play out the correction to the extent that they can. This is experienced as free will, but is in fact not self-determined. It is determined by the whole unfolding story of the undoing of the idea of not-Truth. The will that is free is the Son of God’s will, which, in an instant thought of the opposite-of-God and in that same instant undid the idea of the opposite-of-God by seeing its impossibility. It was free to do both and that is what is played out in the story of time.”

Of course, what makes most students push hard against their obstacles and resistance—the timing of the unfolding Undoing—is their discomfort. Well…it’s simply not a comfortable process to look at the ego and let it go. But struggling against it only makes it worse. You can mitigate your discomfort by taking it a day at a time and dealing with what is in front of you now instead of trying to be ahead of where you are. Do what you need to do to be at peace now and, understand that you cannot make your part go any faster. But neither can you slow it down.

If you feel it is time to look at and work through your obstacles and resistance to Peace and want to benefit from my experience, email me at to set up an appointment for mentoring. Learn more at


nicci said…
i received some commentary from the Inner Teacher on what you are sharing in this blog yesterday: He asked me to look at this as a part of the trust building process that i am undergoing. thank you for again affirming the guidance i am getting. n
ACIM Mentor said…
Same Inner Teacher after all!
nicci said…
yes. this realization, through the inner miracle exchange and resulting holy joining, has had the benefit of loosening my habituated personal perception of others as separate bodies... and the physical world.

and your sharings continue to play a large role in the gaining of trust in his Direction.

endless gratitude and L, n
laurie said…
James Lipton, host of The Actor's Studio, often asked his guests something like "What would you like to hear God say to you when you die (or enter Heaven) or some such?

My personal response was always "You played your part perfectly. There's nothing you could have done differently had you the will of thousands".

How many decades of self-rejection I could have escaped had I believed this earlier!

Now it's just an argument between the ego and 'my' self as to which truth I will believe in any given moment...
will said…
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. It is not necessary to seek for what is true, but it is necessary to seek for what is false (T-16.IV.6:1-2).

The Atonement isn’t about seeking and finding the love of Jesus. It is about removing the obstacles to the awareness of his love.
will said…
You may be wondering if everything has played out and you are playing your part perfectly why do the Course? Hell, I can sit back in my chair close my eyes and meditate forever and be embraced by the love of Jesus. Who needs the pain and confusion and complications?
We have to watch out for the ego who is continually trying to come in the back door. If we don’t do the Atonement which is ‘removing the blocks to the love of Jesus’, is it the ego telling us we have no blocks, they are all gone? Mostly gone? Practically gone? On the home stretch?

Pain and resistance and all that crap that comes with removing the blocks is awful. But at the same time, it is an indicator that we are indeed making progress. Jesus requires us to look at the blocks, to experience them as he asks us to in order to remove them.
will said…
Liz, As an observation. This is the third or fourth time I have read through the blog in the past 24 hours.
To this reader the first half of the blog talks of someone "struggling". I know you hate that word in referring to yourself but you are "reamed out" so maybe there is a little truth in it.
Regardless, then you write, "What I am trying to convey here is:" which seems to be the answer you were looking for. You answered yourself or something answered you.
Obviously I don't know what is going on. I can only report on what you wrote and how I interpreted it.
laurie said…
I could be wrong Will, but I think we are doing the Course because that is part of the 'script'. The part of our mind that wants to go home studies the Course and the part of our mind that loves 'specialness' puts up the obstacles. But it is in a way all past tense. And to confuse things even further, much if not all of what shows up in the dream is symbolism.

I think moving closer or further away from the Love in our minds is not something we as individuals can recognize. All we know is that we are having a hissy-fit about something in our personal lives.
ACIM Mentor said…
Will, by "reamed out" I mean learning about the ego and its echo and how they work and how I relate to them has been *thorough*.

All my writing is to me. I have no illusions about that. You want to learn about my path? Start with my first article and go to my last. And read my other books, too. They're all about this mind!
will said…
God knows you don't have to attempt to school me about your writings, whatever that is about.

I offered some input on what I read in the blog.
will said…
Laurie I appreciate your message but I don't understand it.
will said…
Somewhere in the past I had read that if you were able to be in the presence of someone advanced spiritually your own spiritual life would deepen at a fast rate. I wrote to Hannah asking if she had experienced this with Liz. Her comments seem to indicate this is the case.
In this weeks blog Liz seems to be saying she is experiencing this as she gets closer to Source. I have been using the slip stream which is having a big effect. If you want to exponentially increase your spiritual progress I believe talking to Liz on the phone will bring you into that proximity.

Just sayin'
will said…
That is not advertising for Liz. I believe it is the real deal. If you are in a position to do this it is certainly worth the time and money.
Deb said…
TGIF! she says light-heartedly.

My commentary Nicci was "see the bigger picture" and then Guided to "The Two Pictures in the text after a trip to have two small (minature) paintings (pictures) framed followed by "running into" special relationships from the past. Everyone playing their parts perfectly in this synchronised event.

A period of resistance I call the sound of silence disturbed and now faithfulness as I rest in peace.

Liz and everyone, as always thank you amd thank you Liz for the 3rd volume of articles. Those years are in alignment for me.

nicci said…

earlier this morning, while sitting with the Presence and opening to His correction of my perception,
i heard Him say gently, "Look beyond the tree line."
in that suspended moment, the correction came.

(and i thought of you...)

endless L, n
Deb said…
ahhh, yes . . . Being and being shown the way to the timeless, the boundless beyond the tree line. As Liz said, same Inner Teacher after all. Smiling within with boundless gratitude.
will said…
My Inner Teacher is asking why people are practicing New Age on his site? Just kidding, sending endless love to all!

Might as well go out with a bang.
nicci said…

for clarity, when my perception is corrected, it does not include visions of timelessness, or any revelation of Knowledge. what does occur is a dropping away of all story line, a changed perception about persons and circumstances, a lifting of all grievance, judgement, or evaluation of any kind, and in its place a joining in shared innocence and love.

deb, an eventual remembering of boundless timelessness isn't my focus; learning to more consistently turn my mind over to HS for correction and allowing the miracle in and through me is. i do have faith that these lessons in perception correction will lead to an eventual remembering, and i am grateful for your confidence, your kindness, and non judgement. it means a great deal to me.

sending you endless Love, n

nicci said…
and will,

i don't think trivializing, minimizing, and especially mocking others, especially for sharing their hearts, even in the guise of kidding, is helpful. it is hurtful.

i have come to regard this site as unhealthy and unsafe for me. to all my unseen brothers and sisters with whom i share this wonder filled journey,

endless Love. n
Deb said…
An important question indeed nic, is it helpful to my path or a hindrance?

This question has been coming up alot lately and specific to special relationships. Then I am shown concepts and ideas for forgiveness and some eventually fall away.

I sense much progress, refining, going into greater depths on this shared path. Call me an innocent beautiful blissninnie as I offer this little poem;

Above the tree line
Clouds begin to lift
Now with clarity
I see the cairns
The stacking of stones
Pointing the way up
To the peace summit
Where love abides.

My love, Deb
Deb said…
Where true love abides.
Deb said…
That poem was inspired by an experience of a climb up Mt Washington with my late husband Jose. When we got above the tree line we found ourselves traversing up and in the clouds which were making it difficult to see our way. I still remember the fear walking through those clouds. Somehow trust carried us up and eventually the clouds seemed to dissipate. Relieved as we spotted a cairn trail marker, knowing we we were heading in the right direction and thus reached the summit. After a much needed rest, in the spirit of gentleness, it was a sensible decision to take the cog train down the mountain.

A story of trust and gentleness.
Christine said…
I think this site is what you make of it! I remember Ken Wapnick's saying, "What is it for?" quote..."Be a walking question mark."...
Christine said…
Laurie, I read your post "What would you like to hear God day when you enter Heaven?"...quote a duector asked, or something, ...I'd like to hear, "All your pets are over here, awaiting your return."
And your Mother! Ha! And then that nothing Real every really happened, it was all an exercise, you're at Level 3 now, or something to that effect, lol!
will said…
nicci, I apologize, please come back.

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