In painting, pentimento refers to the emergence of previous paintings or drawings on the canvas beneath the present painting. It can reveal the artist’s original ideas or that the artist changed their mind. In fact, the word is Italian for “repentance”. Ha!
            I feel this kind of “bleed through” now as the Light of Truth shows up for me in this new kind of Vision and Awareness. Sometimes I have an epiphany and I am There, seeing with pure spiritual Vision. But most of the time I simply experience, well, pentimento, as the Light of Truth simply illuminates my present experience. When I first experienced It, I called It the Golden Light of Love, or, simply, the Golden. Later, as It seeped into my ongoing experience, I called It the Enchantment, because It was a magical feeling of being, well, enchanted with everything. Now I simply call It Love.
            I experience It here/now. It is everywhere/always. It is the Real World or True Perception. It is a perception of where I truly am, so forgiveness of what-is-not is automatic or comes quickly and easily. It comes with an awareness of the larger unfolding story. Sometimes it comes with intuitions or premonitions. One of its chief characteristics is my sense of being in a play; naturally not taking anything more seriously than that. I wrote a few weeks ago that I thought I couldn’t see, but this is in fact the new Perception that had come. It has taken me months to see that I can see; to accept the new way of seeing. Disbelief had to fall away and I have had to acclimate to this new way of seeing.
            I do not go around in a bliss of gobsmacking Love for everyone and everything. This is a quiet knowing; simply being present within Love. It is not directed anywhere. It has no purpose. It is not for me or for you or to save the world. It is here only because It’s the Truth.

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Christine said…
I think of Shakespeare's " all the world is a play and we are mere players in it", or something! He knew some stuff. This is spot on, Liz, your post.
will said…
If you have access to Amazon Prime and probably YouTube there is a four part series on called The Fabric of the Cosmos. I have only watched the first episode. It deals mostly in Quantum Mechanics.Don't let that scare you off. As the show explains the universe from this perspective I was saying "That's the Course!"

It is well done and worth giving a look see.
Deb said…
Love the new photo Liz. Glowing and all of you, wrapped in the warmth of Love.

It makes me smile, Deb
Hi Liz,
Thank you for writing this. It is nice to see in words, what is my experience. I certainly can relate to what you say, that you feel like you are in a play. I say to myself, “this is what it feels like to be in Heaven.” It is a very senses-based experience....any combination of the 6 senses. It seems the moment is held together by the glue of Love, with no back-story attached to it. In other words, the mind-chatter is absent. When the mind is noisy, it is either easily dismissed, or enjoyed for it’s creativity.

Liz, what is your experience of mind-chatter, or it’s absence.

ACIM Mentor said…
Cairn, I don't have mind chatter anymore. I do still have more thoughts than I know I will subsequently have. I know there is more quieting to come. But it's like many, many layers of thought are gone and I only have what is immediately apparent or just under the surface now.

(I think I actually already wrote that for the coming article...)

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