Ask: Is being vigilant for God the same as being aware of Truth?

“Please clarify what you said at the end of your (November 8) newsletter. I think I understand ‘Higher consciousness occurs as an effect of the awareness of Truth on the mind.’ But I don't understand ‘ is no more significant to be aware of Truth than to not be aware of Truth.’ I thought being vigilant only for God and His Kingdom meant being aware of Truth.” – BT

“Be vigilant only for God and His Kingdom” (T-6.V-C) is a lesson of the Holy Spirit in A Course in Miracles meant to teach you that you have a choice of thought system in your mind. In the mind training ACIM provides this would be a first step toward growing your awareness of Truth.
But that is quite apart from the context of that article, Consiousness, Truth, and Forgiveness. In that article I discussed how Truth (God) is beyond all consciousness (awareness), even the highest consciousness of Truth. So while consciousness can be affected by Truth, consciousness never affects Truth. Truth is wholly unaffected by what happens in consciousness, so, from that perspective, it is no more significant to be aware of Truth than to be not aware of Truth. But from your perspective, in consciousness, it is significant to be aware of Truth.

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