Back to "God"

            I have gone back to “God”.
I am writing a memoir about my path up through, well, when I finish it! The title—as of now—is A Memoir of Christ: A Student of A Course in Miracles Awakens.
I was not planning this. One day the prologue for the book came to me, I wrote it, and suddenly there was a preface, and I’ve gone from there. You can see the thread of it in the title. It was a surprise to me. Suddenly the whole of my former life was re-framed as Christ’s journey. And my new experience of existence is given new context.
A year ago I had an experience on a walk where I was my Self, the one we all share. Jesus was there and I knew I was experiencing me as I am, Christ. If you know my story, you know I point to the start of my spiritual path as a moment when I was a teenager and suddenly knew that what Jesus was everyone was. In that moment a year ago I realized this in my experience.
A few days later I knew I was going to go forward in my teaching using the term Christ. Well…ew. I really didn’t like that idea. Moreover, I knew my message was to be, “I am what Jesus was and so are you.” I was not comfortable. But for the next year, while I kept with me the moment of my Self on the walk, and had more such experiences, I pretty much forgot about the teaching stuff until the prologue and angle of the memoir came to me. And now I am perfectly comfortable with all of it. It is the truth, after all.
If you’ve read my articles and books for any length of time you know I moved away from the language of A Course in Miracles quite a long while ago. I’ve used “Truth” instead of “God”, because God can be such a loaded word. For myself, I could not get away from the connotation of God as a judgmental supreme being. I dropped Christ as well. I kept Holy Spirit for a while longer, but then switched to Awareness of Truth.
For the sake of the memoir, which is written in the context of a student of ACIM, I thought I’d be consistent in my language and use ACIM’s terms. But I find that I now prefer “God”, even outside of the memoir. I love it, in fact. Depending on context, I now switch between “God” and “Truth”.
And now I have a better understanding of Christ. Christ is the part of me (and you) that is Part of God. You can only know Christ with another, because Christ is not limited to a seemingly-individual mind, but the the Universal Mind we all share. And the Holy Spirit comes from God as well and Christ is Its Home. It is the teaching aspect of Christ.
So, dear readers, God and Christ and Holy Spirit are back in my writing. And I hope, when it is published (I have never written one before, so I have no idea how long this will take) you will find the memoir useful. A Course in Miracles has been around for only forty-five years, so there has not been much time for role models to give hope to other students. It is my hope my story will.

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Deb said…
All of this is exciting, beautiful, a blessing to all. I may do an Oprah thing and buy several copies and first, gift to my whole family. As I type this my former spiritual mentor Onalie is here. Ha, substantial news this is so indeed, looking forward to Spirit's Gift and may I add, book signing please.

Love, Deb

sister said…


one evening last autumn, while i was sitting in quiet with the Holy Spirit, i suddenly became aware of a Presence bathed in a soft golden light. my Inner Teacher (the HS) told me this was my Christ Presence. i was overwhelmed and a bit confused, a little frightened and also excited. since that moment it has always been from the Christ Presence that i am directed to a Holy Joining in a union of Perfect Love with others, all within in my mind. but the part of my mind that needed some order continued to feel confused. your statement here that the HS is the teaching aspect of this Presence clarifies the experience for me. i feel much more settled... thank you.

His teaching is now leading me gently to accept this Christ Presence as what I am, as what is real. (you have played no small role in this learning.) He is also showing me how this same Christ Presence is always found in every brother or sister entering my mind. (no wonder the joining takes place Here...) and now He is helping me to look out upon the physical world through that Presence, to not divert my eyes and to let go of feeling shy to look with this powerful Love coming through my awareness.

after reading your post here, what is happening to me is much clearer. the news about your memoir is exciting. the title is perfect. i await it in endless gratitude. sister

Christine said…
Deb said…
Oh dear Liz, I am in a deeply deeply humbled state this morning. Following our session, a realization birthed new life. While contemplating "seeing the Christ in another" the light of awareness struck. Tears flow. The one I once identified with, who I once seemed to join with every two weeks, who I first thought was, is not that and I heard, see Me, see Me. The prayer of my heart was answered a long time ago and now accepted. My seeming world, graced with Love, cannot continue to hold the past in front of Truth, the Christ.

A masterful Painting without a frame.

Alive vibrational gratitude, Deb

Deb said…
Oh, and thank you sister for sharing your heart.

Love, Deb
sister said…

you are welcome. thank you. we meet in our Christ Presence where the air is pure with Perfect Love,

above the tree line.

Deb said…
Yes, Sistahhh

a haiku . . .

Above the tree line
With nothing to hold onto
No fear and no time.
Deb— Love the haiku!
Skye said…
I feel this is going to be a wonderful book Liz and that many now and to come will find it useful, helpful, re-latable and joyful.

I just recently felt to reread "Spiritual Journey of Joel Goldsmith" after many, many years.....and I thought as I was reading wonderful to have these accounts of those who have gone before us...a communion that is more intimate and transparent.

BTW I also had an experience with Jesus where he showed me that he and I are the one same Being.....this as a universal Truth. I haven't "caught up" experientially to it fully yet but do have expanding living awareness that this is true.

Anyhow, I look forward to reading your book. Blessings Liz :)
Susie said…
That's lovely to hear, Liz....going 'back to God'. For all the 'negative' connotations that the word 'God' can have in the minds of so many, there is something about it that to me is so profoundly unifying. I never had the experience of God as judgemental or cruel in my upbringing...always boundless Love but I am well aware of experiences of others. And yes, interchanging with Truth...I do it already.
Great to hear about the new book. A spot for it is waiting on my bookshelf.
In Love and Gratitude
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