The Christ in You

Sorry to have inundated you with emails lately, but I find I am going in a new direction and I wanted to share a new service—joining in Christ (the part of each of us that is Part of God)—and offer a discount for mentoring/life-coaching during this unusual time when we hunker down during the COVID-19 pandemic. (I’ve also lowered my fee in general. Check out my new streamlined website, And here I send you the first of a new newsletter/blog, The Christ in You.
When I ended the ACIM Mentor Articles a few weeks ago I felt it difficult to continue teaching in a way that was meant to be “corrective”. By this I mean, looking out at a world I thought needed adjusting. I still found it natural to teach one-on-one in a mentoring/life-coaching session with the handful of clients who still remain, but I found writing articles to be a strain except where I shared my process. My point of view shifted with my shift in consciousness, about which most of you know if you read my articles. (You can read recent ones at
It turns out I had things backwards. I used to think that I would grow my awareness of God (Truth) through developing trust in the Holy Spirit until one day I’d reach a tipping point and my consciousness would shift to Spirit. And it could certainly look as though this is what occurred. But now, in Spirit-consciousness, I see I had cause and effect backwards. My progression through mortal-consciousness did not lead to me attaining Spirit-consciousness. Instead, I now see that Christ was the Cause of my spiritual awareness through that experience of existence, or consciousness. I experienced myself as a spiritual person because Christ (the Holy Spirit) was in my awareness, not to bring this mind to Christ.
It is as though I dreamed of rain then woke up and found that it was raining. I then realized that I dreamed of rain because I heard the rain in my sleep. And I was awakened by the rain. But my dreaming of rain did not wake me to the actual rain.
And so it was with Christ in that other experience of existence. I walked with Christ (Which I called Holy Spirit, Teacher of Truth, or Awareness of Truth). Christ was the Light in the darkness of mortal-consciousness. And then I awoke to Christ because Christ awakened me. But my awareness of Christ in mortal-consciousness did not awaken me to Christ.
What I have learned from this experience is that not only can I not teach you Spirit-consciousness—which I already knew—but also that I cannot teach you how to attain it. My desire for Truth and the practice this inspired was of Christ. Perhaps it prepared me for just this shift in consciousness. But it certainly did not cause this shift in consciousness. I was wholly dependent on Christ the whole time.
What I can teach you is how to live life as a spiritual person with Christ in your awareness. I mastered that and attained as much peace as possible in that consciousness before it was fulfilled and fell away. It is certainly better to live in the world with Christ than without Christ. Your desire for Truth and peace is also inspired by Christ within you, and perhaps it is preparation as well. Perhaps part of your preparation for a shift to Christ Consciousness comes from my teaching and sharing and joining. But whether and when you shift to Christ Consciousness is up to Christ.
For any mind, personal identity falls away when their experience of mortal-consciousness is done. But there is no blueprint to follow. Look at Jan Frazier. She had a spiritual practice, yes, but it was not one of deep dedication. Overnight she simply released fear and accepted Love. And Eckhart Tolle wasn’t even on a spiritual path when, in deep depression, he felt “I can’t live with myself” and wondered about the “I” and the “myself”, leading to fear falling away from him. What fulfillment of mortal-consciousness means is different for each mind. What you can do is offer Christ (by whatever label) within you your willingness to follow Christ and accept where this leads you.
There are so many paths to bring Truth into your awareness. So many practices. What can I add to that? I cannot say “follow me” and mean for you to do exactly what I did so that you, too, will realize that you are Christ. I can tell you what I did to lead a life with Christ. I can be a symbol of Christ, reminding you that Christ is your mind’s Reality as It is mine. But it is up to Christ to what extent Christ is manifest in your awareness and whether you end up manifesting Christ.
If you rest in Christ you can be certain that you are fulfilling your part perfectly. Heck, even if you do not rest in Christ you can be certain that you are fulfilling your part perfectly! But I suspect that if you are reading this your part is at least with Christ and maybe eventually as Christ.
This article is the first of The Christ in You Newsletters/Blogs. At least for now they will be somewhat irregular. I am open to your questions, which I prefer for the newsletter/blog. I will write essays as they come to me.


Anonymous said…
Hi Liz, I seem to be resting in Christ (experiencing myself as a void) and a voice speaks in me. Sometimes it is the split mind speaking and sometimes it’s the single mind (Christ) speaking.

Is this ok? It seems uncomfortable to have dropped into the void but still hearing both voices. I have many episodes of not knowing anything and I’m simply just present and although I know myself as everyone I am still frightened of others and leaving my home makes me feel unsafe. Something about my experience seems rather off. It’s like I’m experiencing Oneness but then the split mind brings horror even though I know it’s rubbish but I get pulled into it and the Christ Mind has to go to great lengths to talk me up out of it. Is this what you experienced?

I’m trying to make sense of what is happening and feel I’m not accepting of what I am experiencing right now. Does this discomfort pass? I feel I am just watching and waiting for a finale of pure Peace.
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