Overcoming Loneliness

You cannot maintain the illusion of loneliness if you are not alone. (T-8.IV.2)

For loneliness in God must be a dream. (T-17.VII.10)

All loneliness is caused by the decision to be separate from your Self. It doesn’t matter how it shows up or when it shows up. You may think you are lonely because you are in a crowd and no one is talking to you; or because someone you love is gone; or because others are not meeting your needs. These are all symptoms of loneliness, not the cause of loneliness. First you see yourself as separate from God; then you project this outside yourself; then you seek outside yourself to fix this. This is how loneliness is caused and then maintained.

Everyone realizes at some point that the presence of other bodies/egos does not dispel loneliness. Loneliness is an internal experience caused by an internal separation. It is the True You that you seek.

The way to overcome loneliness is to go within, quiet your mind and invite your Self to join you. This never fails to dispel loneliness.

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Paula said…
Liz, what if the experience of Oneness leaves me feeling lonely which it did last night? I was viewing from Oneness and then I had to quickly adjust back to the idea of individual self amongst many selves because it made me feel lonely. Or maybe I felt lonely once I had adjusted back to the idea of being an individual self with lots of other selves. Anyways, I was scared after the experience.
ACIM Mentor said…
Paula, Oneness is an experience of Wholeness so there is no sense of lack (which is what loneliness really is). So either you had an experience that was not Oneness or it is as you suggested - the feeling of loneliness was the ego's interpretation that followed the experience of Oneness.

Truth is never frightening. Only an erroneous interpretation of It can be frightening.
hannah said…
liz, would you say my enjoyment of and desire to talk with someone who understands the focus that my thoughts gravitate around, is loneliness? ive always thought of it as loneliness. but.. i was very often content in the space of contemplation and sorting things out, writing.. unless i was panicking and unable to shift guilt, it often left me in a state where i was happy just being, id potter about the house or garden in quiet enjoyment, often getting things done that id been putting off for ages. having HAD the experience of sharing stuff on your blog and with you in person, i dont like the idea of not having that space, though i do already know how lovely it can be. and.. as you say, i often come away feeling validated.. is that a sign of loneliness? i know i experience loneliness anyway, but im wondering about this strong desire to share what feels like the 'real' me. i mean.. are you fully understood by anyone you know? i know you are loved, but do you .. want or like being SEEN? is my question clear? i CHOOSE to be on my own a lot, i actually enjoy it, but maybe i wouldnt if i felt i was really seen. i am loved, but not 'got'. i just have a niggly feeling that im ready to understand and release something about this. something that is oppressive or limiting somehow. i cant put my finger on it though.
hannah said…
oh, i just read your blog 'alone or all one'. im still feeling ego-y, (uncertain, laugh) but im pretty sure the answer to my question is in that blog. i just need to keep opening to truth and this stuff above will become clear as it falls away.
hannah said…
and this from 'changes along the way'

'The sense of isolation that many students report is replaced over time by a sense of connectedness with the Holy Spirit that surpasses any human experience of connection or community. You are walking inward, away from the world, toward wholeness and completion – something no human relationship can offer.'

im still so glad its a gentle process. while it is and can only be in inner process, im glad to have a mentor and other students asking similar questions. i feel guilty for that particular enjoyment.. but hey, im working on that as you know! plus its silly.. im 'shifting/dropping things' with less struggle now! and my trust and honest self reflection is growing. silly to feel guilty for enjoying this connection.. the need will fall away im sure.

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