Creation as Oneness

"Except ye become as little children" means that unless you fully recognize your complete dependence on God, you cannot know the real power of the Son in his true relationship with the Father. (T-1.V.3)

Some students are uncomfortable with the idea that the world was not created by God. Remember, the Course uses the term “creation” to mean Oneness with God, not “to bring into being” as we are used to using it. God is Being and there is no lack in God. There is no need in God to bring anything into being. When the Course says “God created you” it means God knows you in Oneness with God.

Some come to the Course believing that God made the world and sent us here to learn. I’m not sure what the learning goal is supposed to be, but this implies separation and lack, also. This means you are not Part of God, Who is All and therefore cannot have anything to learn. It is true we are here to learn Who we are, but only after we have change our minds about who made the world. The lack was of our own making, not made by God.

Most come to the Course believing in a God as a Supreme Parent who brought them into being and whose will is separate and stronger than theirs. This is a projection of their body/ego identification, where they are born to separate parents who are all-powerful to them in their childhood.

Remember, in the Course, Father means Whole and Son means Part. The quote above means you cannot know your true power until you remember your Self as Part of God. God is not a parent, God is not a separate being; God is your Wholeness and your Being.


Anonymous said…
Hello Liz, sorry for my English:) I need i clue, something about oneness. Could you connect the oneness with holiness, or with justice? i was thinking about creation. There is no first no second in heaven right? No time where something is not alive and part of love. Could you give a connection holiness-oneness? Is creation our holy will of expressing oneness? I know many questions, but its all about oneness. Thank you.
ACIM Mentor said…
Anonymous, "Oneness" would be better understood as "wholeness", if that's what you mean by "holiness". (Originally "holiness" meant "wholeness"). In God there is only God, which is what Oneness means.
"Creation" in ACIM is God extending God infinitely and eternally. To say that you are God's Creation and that you create as God does - extend God infinitely and eternally - is just another way to say that in God there is only God.
Anonymous said…
Thank you:)

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