Stop Shoulding on Yourself!

There comes a time when students begin to “get” the Course and they start to “should” and “shouldn’t” all over themselves. They say things like:

“I should know better than this.”
“I should look at him as Christ, not a body.”
“I shouldn’t let little things upset me anymore.”
“I should be at peace.”
“I should be happy.”

There is no “should” in awakening! The only thing that matters is willingness to change your mind. Try saying:

“I don’t need to be upset anymore. I am willing to look at this differently.”
“I am not looking on Truth here. Let me remember Truth instead.”
“I can have peace instead of this. I open my mind to a new way of looking at this.”
“Happiness is my natural state of mind. I will let go of this and be happy.”

“Should” and “shouldn’t” are the ego’s way of inserting guilt onto your path of awakening. Let go of the situation and the “shoulds” as well, and simply be willing to change your mind instead.


Marina said…
Great advice, I had never thought of it that way. Hence the miracle, a change of perception!

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