Error and Sin

It is essential that error be not confused with sin, and it is this distinction that makes salvation possible. For error can be corrected, and the wrong made right. But sin, were it possible, would be irreversible. (T-19.II.2)

A Course in Miracles makes a distinction between error and sin as a way to release you from guilt. Error is correctible, and as such has no real effects. Sin is imperfection-made-real and cannot be undone. The Course uses the word “error” to describe our perception of separation from God because it is not real – it is only a perception so it can be undone. And it teaches that "sin" cannot happen at all because you cannot change God’s creation. This world and everything you do in it is an error in perception that has already been corrected by the Holy Spirit within you. You learn this as you make the Holy Spirit manifest in your life by extending holiness into all that you see. By seeing your holiness everywhere you realize you have not left God and release yourself from guilt.

This distinction that the Course makes between error and sin is very important. I’ve heard from students lately that have made me realize why some students have a hard time getting past guilt. If you come from a background where you were expected to be “perfect” and in which mistakes were not easily tolerated, then for you “error” and “sin” may not be so different. If your human mistakes were elevated to “sin” – permanent imperfection – then how hard it would be for you to accept that your “error” of perception of separation from God does not make you imperfect at all!

Errors are of the ego, and correction of errors lies in the relinquishment of the ego. (T-9.III.2)

You are eternally perfect. You simply do not have the power to make yourself imperfect. But it is not in your humanness that you are perfect. No matter how “good” your humanness it is always an error of perception of yourself, but it is never a sin. Your humanness – your body/ego – is nothing. That is why you must let it go. To identify with it is to convince yourself you have changed what God created – you have sinned. You will inevitably feel guilt and fear punishment. But when you identify only with the Holy Spirit within yourself – and this you do by seeing only this in others and everywhere – you realize that anything else is an error to be forgiven.

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andrea chiu said…

There were times that whatever good you wanted to show to a person or people still you can't please them but the only thing you need to do is to keep yourself calm, be professional, open-minded and patient. Everything has a reason,and an end.
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Leslie Lim said…
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