If the World Isn't Real, Why Ask For Guidance?

Every now and then a student asks me why they should follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance if the world isn’t real and if it has nothing to do with God. What difference does it make how you live in the world, then?

All that you made can serve salvation easily and well. The Son of God can make no choice the Holy Spirit cannot employ on his behalf, and not against himself. (T-25.VI.7)

The world is your perception that you are separate from God. Calling on the Holy Spirit to guide you in it corrects this misperception. You are no longer separate from God when you are following the Holy Spirit. What you ask the Holy Spirit and what the Holy Sprit answers is not important. What is important is that you asked and that you accepted an answer. When you follow the Holy Spirit the purpose of every circumstance becomes a means to be with the Holy Spirit. The world that was made to make separation from God real to you becomes a means of remembering you are One with God.

It doesn’t matter to God how you live in the world. But it does matter to you. If it isn’t important to you to be at peace, then you have no reason to learn to hear, to follow and finally to identify with the Holy Spirit. But if you want peace you have to use the world to connect with the Holy Spirit instead of to live apart from God. From this connection, the part of your mind that you gave over to illusion is returned to Truth. This is how you heal all pain, loneliness, emptiness and aimlessness. This is the atonement, your only responsibility.

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jacomina said…
When you say, "use the world to connect with the HS" do you mean
because the HS is True and the world is not-True we are able to bridge the gap in our mind?

I know i've got a question in there and I hope it's kinda clear.

I'm frustrated because I feel ineffective speaking to an imaginary HS in my mind but want to "get it" more than anything.

ACIM Mentor said…
Use the world to grow your awareness of the Holy Spirit by asking the Holy Spirit to join you in whatever you do in the world. At first you may feel that you are talking to nothing. But in time you will have experiences (answers, insights, shifts toward peace) that show you that Something is here within you. Then you will be able to remember those experiences when you call on the Holy Spirit.
jacomina said…
okay. I believe you. Sounds right to me. And you've said this so many times before. NOW I year you. thank you for repeating this.

bless you


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