The Holy Spirit Does It All

Though it makes the ego in me squirm when I admit this to myself, the truth is that none of the considerable (though not complete) Peace I experience, nor any of my awareness of God, nor my knowledge of A Course in Miracles is due to anything that I have done. The Holy Spirit has really done it all.

In my last article I mentioned the arrogance of me thinking that I know what I need to learn. Unfortunately, this has characterized much of my spiritual path. I would work and work on myself in a certain direction only to find the Holy Spirit causing a shift in me that had nothing to do with what I was working on! In other words, I am where I am not because of anything I have done, but in spite of what I have done. All the Holy Spirit has really needed all along is my little willingness, just as the Course says. Truly, I need do nothing.

So I’ve learned to do nothing but to be open to God so that the Holy Spirit can do the rest. I do not need to judge what I am asked to do, or not asked to do. I do not have to take any thought for any of it. I do not have to pick apart my every emotion; if I don’t like what I am feeling I only have to open my mind to God and allow the negative feelings to be replaced by Peace. The Holy Spirit works not only in my life and through me, but in me as well. All of the transformations toward Peace within me, all that has fallen away from me as unnecessary and not useful, and all that has been developed within me has been the Holy Spirit’s doing. The means I use to stay open so the Holy Spirit can work in me are the Four Habits for Inner Peace. I’ve learned that if I’m making an effort toward anything but being centered in God I am not letting the Holy Spirit lead me; I am trying to take the lead, and I am probably getting in the way of the Holy Spirit. Looking back over my whole path, and looking at where I am now, I can see that all I offer is a teensy bit willingness to let the Holy Spirit into my awareness, and to follow It, and It does all the rest.


jerryo said…

After years of has abruptly dawned on me what "if you say you see...your sin remains" means from the bible.

ACIM is an incredible journey!
Paula said…
Thank God for your blog, Liz. I know my awakening has been sped up so much because of your little willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to work through you. And because of your little willingness I have learned that I don't need to be a big shot, all I gotta do is also give my little willingness and this is enough.

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