True Justice

"Beware of the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated." (T-26.X.4)

Years ago, after taking a total break from A Course in Miracles for a couple of years, I returned to studying it and joined a local study group to get back into the groove. At that point I had almost totally forgotten the core teachings of the Course. One day at the study group a gentleman who was involved in a lawsuit (I cannot remember if he was suing or being sued) started talking about “justice”. He felt that the Course somehow supported his cause because he was certain he was “just”. This didn’t feel quite accurate to me, but I had gotten so far away from the Course that I wasn’t sure what was meant by “justice” in the Course. And since then I sometimes run into students who feel that something is their just due, or that they have been unfairly deprived by another, and they will say, “I know God wants me to have what is rightfully mine” or “Why would God deprive me of this?”

In essence you can say that in the Course “injustice” means your perception of separation from God, and “justice” means your awareness of your Oneness with God. To perceive separation from God as real is to be unjust to yourself because it is not true. To perceive your Oneness with God is to be just to yourself because your Oneness with God is True. God is not concerned at all with the world because the world is your illusion of separation from God. God does not supply you in the world, or deprive you in the world. But your perception of the world reflects your awareness, or lack of awareness, of your Oneness with God. If you are unjust to yourself and lack awareness of your Oneness with God you are going to seek in the world to fill the void within you. You are going to be constantly thrashing about to protect your little, separate “self”, and you will be driven by a need to fulfill it. And you will never succeed, but instead perceive some sort of lack, often at the hands of others. But if you are just to yourself and aware of your Oneness with God you will need nothing from the world. You will be whole and complete within yourself, and what you need in the world will show up as a manifestation of your awareness
of your wholeness.

“Justice” is not an issue between you and the world; it is an issue between you and yourself. As long as you believe that your reality is being a personal self in a world you will be unjust to yourself, and that will show up in many different forms. But once you are just to yourself and accept that your Oneness with God is your Reality you will no longer experience lack of any kind.


Mariah B said…
Thanks for your article. I ahve been a course student for two years, and although I am young (22), I have learned a lot. I understand exactly what you mean by using the world and filling the void, because I do it all of the time. I search for material things, praise, love, and lust thinking it will make me happy, but its like a bottomless pit, lol. Anything that makes me happy eventually dies out or gets old, and I'm left with that sad emptiness and sometimes it feels like I will never be happy. I also have a blog, but mine is mostly political, so if you want to reach me, my email is or just respond here. I will be following your blog daily for guidance because it helps me soooo much! Its not easy being my age in this world and trying to find my Self. Keep up the good work.

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