Reading the Signs

Whenever something dramatic happens in the world I hear from students who read something into it indicating the “Son of God’s” regression from or progression toward God, and they share with me their own despair or hope because of it. Lately students have been interpreting the world economy and the U.S. elections. What these students are seeing is the judgment of the ego within themselves that something in the world is “good” or “bad”, and they are deciding that what they think is “good” means that the “Son of God” is moving toward God, and what they think is “bad” is a sign that the “Son of God” is moving away from God. Whenever you “read the signs” out there in the world – or even in just your own life - you are simply seeing the ego’s interpretation that the world is real and meaningful. You are perceiving nothing and interpreting it as something. The Holy Spirit’s interpretation of the world is always the same: The world is not real, so you do not have to interpret it, or give it meaning.

Some students read the term “Son of God” in A Course in Miracles to mean everyone in the world collectively, but actually “everyone” in the world is only an erroneous idea in the one mind of the Son of God (Part of God). If you cannot yet accept that there is only one mind and you still need a story for “other” minds it is closer to the Truth to think of the split between ego and God as being played out in the mirror of each seemingly individual mind. Each mind is like a “micro” version of the “macro” Mind that is split. The ego and God are exactly the same in each mind, despite appearances. That is why your only responsibility is to accept correction of your perception of separation from God in only your own mind. When you accept correction for your mind you do it for the One split Mind because your mind is only a mirror of It. Correction is inward toward Oneness, away from the world and perceptions of separation. You cannot find God in the world, individually, or collectively. As you go inward “other” minds cease to exist for you, and you realize that you always perceive only one mind. So the only measure of your progress toward God is your own inner Peace, and your own willingness to overlook the illusion of separation.

Though the world is in your mind it is always going to show you a fragmented picture, and the ego will interpret those fragments as real. The Holy Spirit unifies the picture of the world in your mind by showing you it is all the same: All illusion is illusion. If you want to read a sign in the world, no matter what is appearing, read this: “This is only my temptation to be separate from God.” Then go within instead, where God is.


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