It's Only Temptation

I’ve always loved the use of the idea of “temptation” in A Course in Miracles: You cannot make yourself separate from God, so listening to ego is only a “temptation” to be separate from God. Your separation from God can never be real; it is never more than a temptation.

There is only One Mind, and it is yours. There is no “God’s” Mind, “my” mind, “their” mind. There is only One Spirit, and there is only one ego, too. There is no “my” ego or “their” ego. What you perceive is in your mind, and it is either an extension of Love, or a projection of ego/separation. Those are your only choices. The great deception of ego is the many forms it takes, but it is all the same because all illusion is illusion. So when you are affected by appearances of separation in any form you are seeing your own temptation to make separation from God real to you. It does not matter where you think the idea of separation is coming from; if it affects you, you are seeing your own temptation.

When you are bothered by anything that you perceive just remind yourself, “I am only experiencing my own temptation to be separate from God. But I am Eternally One with God, so this isn’t real.” Then go within to the Still Quiet at the center of your Being to commune with God and remember What is Real.


will said…
Something that has helped me get started practicing was remembering the "not real" part was the Holy Spirits job. I try to approach it with focus and sincerity but give it to the Holy Spirit pretty quick. Forgiveness is such a trip, I don't know what I was expecting but it's like being taught the whole Course. I seem to intuitively learn things. Something like that.

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