Don't Measure - Trust

For a long time if I was cranky or uncomfortable or simply not at peace I thought I was “failing” on my path to reach God. This was of course a daily occurrence. I measured every tiny up or down as though my mood was the measure of my success on my path to God. And if I was depressed, conflicted, or unhappy – which was most of the time – I’d think that perhaps I was stalled, or worse, that I’d had a set-back.

What I’ve learned along the way, though, is that what I am personally going through has nothing at all to do with the Holy Spirit in me. To think it does is the arrogance of the ego. The Holy Spirit works through me and in me regardless of all of the ego’s frantic distractions. I did my individual part years ago when I invited the Holy Spirit into my awareness so I’ve already “succeeded”, if you want to call it that. In time I learned that peace comes when I stop measuring and I trust. I trust that God is here despite what is appearing in front of the body’s eyes or the ego’s variable moods. When I listen to the ego and ride its roller-coaster of moods I am not failing, I am not even delaying – I am doing nothing. God is. And being aware that God is unchanged and unchangeable is peace.


Anonymous said…
I want to hope that if I relate more often to the HS in me and attempt to be the extention of Love , not relate to the ego if at all possible AND stay in the moment, all that good stuff !! that my outward experience will be more peaceful
(and mostly in my case more pain free physically) So it can be difficult then to not feel like we are not doing something 'right' enough if the opposite of that is showing up. I do trust God and I know that when I give it all up to the HS that is all I need to do and it's not that complicated really. I guess I am wrong to expect that the blocks to my awareness of Love's presence while being removed by the HS are not necessarily going to erase the effects upon my illusive body. I think it should dang it !! I tell myself well what good can I do here if I am in so much pain I cannot even concentrate or be the example that can perhaps facilitate growth for another. I can't represent as the saying goes. Very much struggling with this one. I feel like I am doing the right inner work that I need to do. I am at peace most of the time, we all have the bad days like you say, I just would hope for a healing physically because I believe that has to be possible if the root cause is removed.
Marina said…
As always just what I needed to hear Liz. Thank you!

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