At some point every student I work with expresses to me that they feel they are going nuts trying to understand how the world can not be real. They can see it, taste it, smell it, feel it, hear it – so how can it not be real? The obvious response to this is that what they are using to measure reality is something that is itself not real – a body. They are experiencing an illusion with part of the illusion itself, so what can they expect it to report to them?

Only God is Real, and God is Formless, Infinite, Eternal Being. God is. No objects or symbols or words can convey or explain Reality because they are limiting, and Reality is Limitless. Physical solidness, then, does not determine what is real, but what is not real. God is Everything and Everywhere, so what is something and somewhere is not real. There is no form to grasp in God, so what is solid and can be measured or sensed with something solid, is not Reality.

You can experience Reality only within yourself. Because Reality simply is It can only come into your awareness when you forgive – let go of – non-reality. You will not understand Reality through intellectual struggle, but through a mind that is open to It. To experience Reality directly you only have to quiet your mind by releasing all non-real thoughts as they come into it, and rest in an awareness that Reality is right here, right now. Reality will not come thundering into your mind, but it will creep into your experience quietly as a gentle Peace That you will recognize is always here.


Anonymous said…
Hi Liz, I find it easier to experience Reality as purely spiritual. Connecting with It through It in me, as I do in meditation. Having experienced it there I find it less difficult to experience with connection with it elswhere.
Freddy Brant.
Ron Tomlinson said…
One can watch "The Matrix" to help understand the world as a virtual reality rendering. Of course, in that story, humans still have bodies.
Paula said…
I was just communing with God and the following questions from The Course came to my mind to ask God for the last time and they were answered like this:

Where would you have me go? Nowhere.
What would you have me do? Nothing.
What would you have me say? Nothing.
And to whom? Nobody.

My interpretation of this - BE. That is all. There is nothing else. In Truth questions wouldn't be asked because they are irrelevant to Spirit/God. God/Spirit just IS. Questions would only be asked if you are coming from the ego/body because in the idea of separation could you only be uncertain of anything.

Am I on the right track, Liz?
Paula said…
Hi Liz,

Since my last comment and spending more time in God I have received different answers to those questions. Recently it's been this below.

Where would you have me go? Here. There is no other place.
What would you have me do? Be still. Stop moving the body because the body is in the mind and if you are focusing on it, it makes it harder to focus on being with God. Be still.
What would you have me say? Nothing, just listen.
And to whom? There is only God.

This has been terribly difficult for me being such a busy person. I actually injured my back trying to avoid this advice/guidance. I was quite literally running away from God and found that I'm only harming myself by doing so. When I do be still (body and mind) then peace comes naturally.

Also, I've been experiencing what seems to be large chunks of knowledge being "downloaded" when I open my mind. Sometimes it's like listening to a radio channel. It was happening all day the other day that I was becoming "overloaded" with knowledge and I freaked out and became very distressed that I had access to everything and anything I would ever need to know. Then I was depressed because from having this ability to access all Truth I realised my little separated game was ripped out from beneath me. Done and dusted even though I am clearly not truly done with it yet.

How did you manage this, Liz? I feel like I have violated someone else's hard drive on their computer or tapped into something that was not mine to tap into. What does this mean for me? Am I opening up my mind way too fast to God? Please let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you kindly.
ACIM Mentor said…
Paula, nothing can come to you without your willingness. You are wholly in charge of your mind. You may feel overwhelmed when it first happens but in time you will process it all out.

How did I manage it? I just rode it out. It all processes out in time. The fear is just the ego feeling threatened. That processes out in time, too. If you accept it (which you must have or it would not have happened) then it cannot be more than you can deal with. This is a good time to sort out the part of you that knows this (Holy Spirit) and the part of you that is threatened (ego).

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