Ask: Are we told what our task is?

I am a beginner; still, things have changed so radically for me, and so quickly. I am now at odds about how to earn my living. Are we told what our task is? It must be a manifestation of His Will, but how do we find out? Is it one with “the light of the world”? Will it be unveiled to us? – L

A Course in Miracles states that, if you want inner peace, your one responsibility is to “accept the Atonement for yourself”. The “Atonement” in the Course means correction of your perception that you are separate from God (Truth). This is accomplished through your becoming aware of God within you and your forgiving, or releasing, the thoughts that are obstacles to your staying aware of God within you.
So your “task” does not involve what the personal self does in the universe of form but what you do with your mind. And you become aware of God again in the course of an ordinary, everyday life because it is there that you run into the obstacles (guilt, fear, attachment) to being aware of God that you need to release.
Your growing awareness of God and forgiving is a process. It begins by you inviting the Holy Spirit (the Teacher of Truth in your mind) into your life where you are now. You do not have to change or to give up anything that you do not want to. The Holy Spirit meets you where you are, becoming your Constant Companion if you are willing. If you want inner peace you want to open up every aspect of your life to the Holy Spirit. In time, as your awareness of and trust in the Holy Spirit grows, you will find it natural to step back and let It lead the way. This practice will eventually lead you to experiencing the line between you and the Holy Spirit blurring. You will no longer experience the Holy Spirit as Other, but simply as the Truth in you. You will be living in “the Atonement”.
Your values will change along the way and so you will find yourself motivated to make changes in the personal self’s life that support your new values. This will happen more than once, and will reflect in the universe of form your change of mind. This might be what you are experiencing now. There can be long periods of feeling disoriented about the personal self’s life and this is exactly the type of thing that you want to share with the Holy Spirit. You want to share both your disorientation and your practical questions. The Holy Spirit will use everything that you give to It to make you aware that It is always with you and undo your sense of separation from God.

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