Ask: Where does the spirit world come into the teachings of ACIM?

I am working through ACIM and have not found any other teaching that has felt so right as ACIM… Where does the spirit world come into the teachings of ACIM? Is there a spirit world or is this also created by ourselves within the dream? Is it really past relatives that people try to connect to?...The spirit world seems to be the only thing created that we believe is beyond our world and seems to be the place we all end up after this dream has what we see as ended…-AR

You are correct that A Course in Miracles never refers to a “spirit world”. It is indeed just a concept of the personal thought system (ego). Like the idea of “reincarnation” it is meant to give to the personal self an aspect of Truth (God): eternality. It is the personal thought system’s attempt to have you believe that the personal self, or at least some aspect of it called a “spirit”, is real. Actually, all sense of individuality falls away in the awareness of Truth. There is only one Spirit (God, Truth).
Yes, some people try to connect to relatives who have passed away. Remember, all personal selves are only ideas. This is why when the body onto which you projected a personal self is no longer around it still remains in your mind. So sometimes when one feels they have something unfinished with one who is no longer around they do have an experience of a visitation from a “spirit” of the late loved one, often in a dream. This is really just their mind’s way of manifesting the choice to heal the relationship.
Also, the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) in your mind will use whatever symbols are meaningful for you to reach you when you have asked for help. Some minds have a hard time with the idea that the Truth is in them. This can be resistance to this idea out of a sense of unworthiness or simply because they find the idea too abstract. They need an image onto which to focus, like an “ascended master” or even a loved one who brings a “message” from “beyond”. These are just temporary means that the Truth in you may use to reach you until you are ready to accept the Truth directly.

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