Ask: How can I find my life-partner?

…How can a single person connect to their life partner? I have been single for several years and... I have learned I want a life partner more than a soul mate, I think I am looking for someone who can stand to be with me and I with them for more than 10 minutes at a time; someone to share the dream together while in the dream world. –JP

It is good for your peace of mind that you are being honest with yourself about what you want. So many A Course in Miracles students make the mistake of repressing personal desires in the guilty belief that they are “wrong”. In Truth (God) personal desires are not “wrong” or “right”; they are nothing. But while you are aware of a world they can be either obstacles to or means for peace. The personal thought system (ego) uses them as ends in themselves, so they become obstacles to peace for you. But the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) within you uses personal desires as means for peace if you share them with It. So the first step is for you to be honest with yourself so you can be honest with the Teacher of Truth: “I want someone to share my life with. I’m open and willing to follow Your guidance so this can be used for peace.”
Of course, you have to do more than say this. You have to be truly open and willing. Remember, if you want peace the Teacher of Truth must be your primary relationship. All personal relationships will then be a loving manifestation of your one relationship with Love.
After sharing this goal with the Teacher of Truth go about your life and pursue your natural goals and interests. This is how you meet people with whom you share common values. Let your friends and family know that you are looking for someone with whom to share your life so they can look for you as well. And you can also try dating websites. If you are interested in a serious relationship then try one of those sites that are geared toward matching you with someone with the same values and relationship goals. In other words, take the same actions anyone would when looking for a life-partner while staying honest with yourself and being open to the Teacher of Truth.
Keep in mind that just because you want a life-partner it does not mean that you are ready for a life-partner right now. Given to the Teacher of Truth a life-partnership is an intense, accelerated class for attaining inner peace. (Just as, given to the personal thought system, it is an intense class for maintaining conflict in your mind!).You may have lessons to learn before you are ready for that level of commitment to peace. So you may date for a while before you find the one who is also ready to join you in that intense classroom. All relationships, though, will be useful lessons if you share them with the Teacher of Truth.
You can be certain that if there is something that you really want the Teacher of Truth will guide you through the lessons and growth that you need until you are ready to accept that for which you asked.

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