Ask: How does one turn their thoughts over to the Holy Spirit?

Throughout the Course Text and lessons there is the directive to turn our ego thoughts over to the Holy Spirit. I have a very difficult situation which is making me very unhappy. I know it is the result of my need for a special relationship. I know on some level I am resisting changing my thoughts and the root of this is probably feeling the need to be loved and this most likely goes back to feeling I lost God's love. The difficulty I am having is "turning it to the Holy Spirit" How does one do that? I am practically begging and I am still feeling like this person owes me more demonstrations of love. This is not the first time I have asked the Holy Spirit to take some ego thought away but I rarely feel peace. I feel like the ego has a strangle hold on me and I cannot just think these things away… – MM

            The Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth) is the thought system that represents Truth in your mind. When you “turn” a situation “over” to It you are saying that you want to come at the situation from that thought system instead of the personal thought system (ego). You have to be willing to let go of the way that you look at the situation now. You have to be willing to look at it in a new way.
            It sounds like you have done this. You have become aware that your need for love from this person represents your deeper feeling that you do not have True Love (God’s Love) within you. Sometimes when we ask the Holy Spirit for help we are given a thought that brings immediate relief. Sometimes we become aware of a false belief that is going to take some time to work out.
            In your case you continue to look for demonstrations of love from this person even though you know that they cannot supply the True Love that you feel you lack within yourself. Even if they behaved as you wanted it would not be enough and you would continue to feel that they or someone else was not supplying what you need. You understand this intellectually but your experience has not yet shifted for you to be truly aware of this. So your focus now needs to be on building your awareness of Love within you. You can do this by inviting Love into your awareness through formal meditation daily and by turning inward to Love throughout the day and reminding yourself that you have all that you need within yourself. And when you find yourself feeling needy or empty or demanding of others remind yourself that they cannot supply the Love that you seek. Then turn inward to find True Love where It really is.
            Growing your awareness of Love within is a process, so be patient and gentle with yourself. In time you will feel whole within yourself and no longer feel a need to demand anything from others. You will simply enjoy them as they are.

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