Ask: How can I better hear the Holy Spirit?

...I am constantly praying, asking, seeking and knocking on the door to be opened so that the Holy Spirit speaks to me more frequently and at greater volume than my ego mind. I think that “undoing” the ego mind is not so much a “goal.” To me it seems that communicating and communing with the Holy Spirit will *inherently* undo the ego. Yet in spite of prayers and many efforts, I find “that still small voice” almost inaudible against the din of my ego habits. I have been a long time (30+ years) seeker and Course student for about 8 years. Please help suggest ways to more frequently hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. – AR

            You state an obstacle to hearing better the Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth in your mind) when you say that you think that communing with the Holy Spirit alone will undo the ego (personal though system). Your obstacles to hearing the Holy Spirit are the guilty and fearful thoughts of the ego that you believe and you can remove these obstacles only by looking at them directly and undoing them. Because they are belief’s they are not undone by your simply ignoring or denying them.
            What this means in practice is that when the ego seems to be so loud that you cannot feel God or hear the Holy Spirit you look at what the ego is saying. On the surface it may simply be throwing up distractions but you are accepting the distractions because you believe something fearful that it is saying beneath the distractions. You want to be willing and open to looking at these thoughts. If you cannot access them then ask the Holy Spirit to help you uncover them. They will always be some form of guilt and fear.
            Also, keep in mind that you do not always experience the Holy Spirit through a Voice in your mind. You also experience the Holy Spirit through formless ideas, insights, intuitions, and ideas and answers coming to you from “outside” of you (others, TV, books, movies, etc.). Sometimes one’s expectations of how they will experience the Holy Spirit are obstacles to their seeing that they already do experience It.

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