Ask: Was the MFT dictated by a different Spirit of the God Head?

I have been studying the Course for years, and have been through the Manual for Teachers more than a few times. This time I realize that the prose is so much easier to read and understand than in the Text.  It ran through my mind that perhaps there was a different Spirit of the God Head that dictated this part of the Course.  What do you think? – GF

            There is only one Spirit, or Truth, Which is called “God” in A Course in Miracles. The part of your seemingly-individual mind that is one with God is called “Christ” in the Course and the teaching aspect of the Christ Mind is called the “Holy Spirit”. Because there is only one Truth It is universal, so Christ is the same in every mind. There are no individual spirits.
            It was the Christ Mind that dictated the entire Course and its two supplements to Helen Schucman. (She called Christ in her mind “Jesus”). The fact that the Workbook and the Manual for Teachers are easier to read than the Text attests to Helen’s growing comfort as a scribe. The Text, too, gets easier after the first few chapters.
            Also, the Workbook and MFT are practical, so more straightforward than the Text, which is theoretical. Many find that the practical approach of those books makes the message of the Course more accessible in them.
            Notice that you have read the MFT more than a few times and you only now realize how much easier it is to read than the Text. This shows your growing acceptance of the message of the Course. Helen Schucman was the first student of the Course and she was just like those who followed. Her mind, like ours, was filled with guilt and fear. She began incredibly resistant to its message, though willing to take it down, just as we are willing to keep reading despite our fears. The more guilt and fear we work through the easier we find it is to read and understand the Course.

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Desert Man said…
The Christ mind set down the Course? Do you mean as Its teaching aspect, The Holy Spirit? If not, how do you make such a distinction?
ACIM Mentor said…
There is no difference between the Christ Mind and the Holy Spirit. "Holy Spirit" is just the label given to the teaching aspect of the Christ Mind. And the Course was "set down" by Helen Schucman who heard dictation in her mind from the Christ Mind, which she felt was embodied by Jesus.
Desert Man said…
Thanks, Liz.

I thought that is what you meant. I've been using the working hypothesis that The Holy Spirit is the "Author" of the Course, as opposed to Jesus. I use the term "working hypothesis" because none of this Truth and ultimately doesn't matter. I would not counter someone who believes that Jesus is the author, for example. I know that what is important is the Atonement, no matter which "author" or other route gets you there!
will said…
I've been looking into some of the paranormal stuff on TV and in books, just out of curiosity. If I remember correctly, the text talks of the paranormal. Some of the paranormal looks pretty real to me. So I got to thinking since we're in a dream anything is possible. It may well be the dream doesn't end at death which is the way I had been looking at it. Maybe the dream cycles in some fashion until we are ready to waken.
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