Ask: In Truth will I still be aware of myself as an individual?

Once the ego has been conquered and one is in the state of permanent peace, does the awareness (I am) still perceive individualistically  - i.e.  this is me (peace) I exist in the sea of  peace and  I will always be aware of myself as an individual piece of stillness, in this bodied life and beyond, or is it a case of I dissolve into peace (stillness) where we exist as one but not aware of myself sort of  like an infant’s unknowing “awareness. – PS

            Your sense of existence is eternal but your sense of individuality is temporary. In other words, the “I am” that you experience deep within is an experience of the eternal but your projection of your sense of existence onto limited form ceases in time.
            So in essence neither one of the scenarios you suggest is accurate. In Truth you do not experience yourself as one among many nor as one within something greater. You experience One without limits. And your individuality does not dissolve into a vast Oneness, either. The part of your mind that is eternal is eternal now. It is whole and complete. It is completely untouched and uninterrupted by the idea of time and all that it seems to contain. Your experience of individuality never becomes part of the Oneness. It is the false idea that falls away.
            A Course in Miracles stresses the Holy Instant because you do not need time to experience eternity. You do not have to wait to attain something in the future or for the passing of the body to experience Truth. You can turn within to Truth (God) right now. Truth is your Being; your sense of existence, of “I am”. And you know when you experience Truth that It is all that is real and eternal. Then when you return from eternity to an awareness of time, time never has the same hold on you again. Truth and peace have come into your awareness.

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