Ask: Are we being thought?

Are we being thought? Is the one split mind, that fragments into 7 billion and then other species’ minds, thinking our life situations that come to us and then our decision maker has only 2 choices which teacher to listen to, the holy spirit or ego, we really don't have any other active ability to attract what we want in life just the way we interpret it, is this correct? – JB

            No, you are not being thought. You are the one mind doing the thinking. But when you identify with a personal self (ego) you think that you are the thought in some other Mind. Maybe you label that Mind, God; maybe you never bother to label it. You may not even think of yourself as in mind but in a real universe of form. But it is the equivalent to a personal self having a dream while sleeping and thinking that they are a figure in the dream rather than the dreamer of the dream.
            This is the split in the mind. It seems like there is “you” and a universe outside of you with many billions of minds. Or that there is your mind and a mind outside your mind in which you reside. But there is really just one mind thinking it all. You will not come to this awareness through the personal thought system, however. But you will become aware of this as you grow aware of Truth.
            The personal thought system interprets this awareness with fear. This is why you will not look at this idea while you are listening to the personal thought system. It equates responsibility with blame. Look at what you have wrought! This whole tragic, painful, limited universe of form that is the opposite of God in every way! But that is because it wants to make the universe of form real to you. As you grow aware of Truth formlessness becomes the real experience for you and you recognize that form is just an empty, meaningless idea. You do not have to give it any thought. And you certainly do not have to feel guilty about it.
            On a personal level you do attract whatever shows up in the personal self’s life. But whatever it is it is always meaningless and open to interpretation. That is why, if you want inner peace, it makes no sense at all to be concerned with what is or is not showing up in the universe of form. It has no meaning in itself. And if you give it meaning you make it real to you and teach yourself that you are what you are not. This keeps you in conflict.
            For a while, the world will still be very real to you and you will not be able to avoid interpreting it. The personal thought system offers an interpretation that emphasizes the details and reinforces your sense of lack and limitation. The Holy Spirit offers an interpretation that looks at the larger unfolding and reinforces your awareness that all must be unfolding perfectly because you are aware of Truth. These are the choices in interpretation that lead to your sense of conflict or peace. And, in time, you will not need any interpretation because you will not be giving form much thought at all.

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Sue said…
Liz - your answers always clear so much up for me. I have always wondered about the
"spiritual" buffet that is around, especially on the internet.
From your answer, I am surmising that all the interest in "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" is really coming from the egoic mind since it involves attracting what "you" want into "your" experience.
What are these so called "channelers" tapping into - their own split mind or the larger split mind. Some of the stuff they say seems very insightful and it almost seems that they couldn't be getting it from anything that isn't in touch with something spiritual.
I'd love your response on this.
Thanks so much, Sue
ACIM Mentor said…
Some channelers tap into the split mind; some tap into the Holy Spirit/Christ Mind. Most probably tap into both at different times. This is why what they teach can seem contradictory. It takes a long while to discern what is Truth and what is not, and many do not take the time to sort this out before they put out what they channel.
This is why it is important for you to read any spiritual teaching with the Holy Spirit. It will help you sort out what comes from Truth and what does not. You will know a teaching comes from Truth when you feel set free.

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