Ask: How can I deal with deep feelings of sadness as I go deeper on the path?

How can I deal with deep feelings of sadness?…it happened when I started to go deep in meditation and spiritual path. It is as I have contacted a place of separation from God within me, which is almost impossible to ignore....I feel subtly very guilty of feeling sad. I also project a lot of people kind of trying to take me out of this dark place, and me feeling rejected for it… What I honestly get from the Course is that I have to go beyond it, to see what’s the truth beyond it, but in practical terms I feel confused on how this works. Should I give me permission to feel it? Should I also be soft with the part of me that wants to put some boundaries to don’t feel rejected?...I would like to learn how to deal with it with the Holy Spirit… – NA

            First, yes, always let yourself feel whatever you honestly feel. Repressing your feelings is the way to hold onto them, not to release them. And there is no reason to feel guilty for any of your feelings. Feelings are not facts. They have no effect on God (Truth) at all. They only show you what you truly believe. And you want to know this! How else can you undo false beliefs except by looking at them? And all negative emotions indicate false beliefs that are obstacles to peace.
            Guilt is always at the bottom of what you feel in your identification with a self.
“Sadness” is another word for “depression”. Depression is anger turned inward. Anger is a defensive posture, so it means you are fearful. And fear is really always fear of punishment because you believe you are guilty. (Depression = anger = fear = guilt). You can peel away these layers with the Holy Spirit.

            I’m depressed. So why am I angry?
            I am angry. So why am I afraid?
            I am afraid. So why do I feel guilty?

            It may help you to write out your responses. Invite the Holy Spirit into your awareness and then go deep with these questions. If you are not comfortable doing this alone with the Holy Spirit then you might want to work with a teacher or mentor.
            You are actually already close to your answers because you stated that you have “contacted a place of separation from God within” yourself. You are already consciously in touch with the place of guilt (center of the ego) in your mind. Now you just need to find the exact shape that guilt takes for you in this circumstance.
            You must feel rejected by people who try to take you out of your darkness because you feel that you are not understood. That may be a projection of you not understanding yourself. When you figure out what form guilt takes at the bottom of your sadness your darkness will lift and you won’t need others to understand you. You will understand yourself, which is the only understanding that you really need. In the meantime, if you need to, then, yes, set boundaries with others to take care of yourself.

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Michelle said…
I love this article. It has helped me identify my thoughts. Thanks

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