Ask: I know I shouldn't want to fix the world...

I know as an ACIM student I’m not supposed to want to “fix the world” but I see so many problems and people in pain and I feel like I have to do something…

            Statements like “supposed to” or “should” with or without a “not” indicate that you feel guilt and fear. This means that you are reading A Course in Miracles with the ego (personal thought system). When the Course seems to inspire guilt and fear in you, know that these come from your mind, not from the Course.  Ask the Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth) in your mind for the loving way to read passages that scare you. The Course is a path to inner peace, not a path of righteous behavior to appease a punishing god.
            It is true that you cannot want to fix something and let it go (forgive it) at the same time. If you want to fix something it is because you value it. And if you value it you must believe that it is real. So your feelings indicate that a guilty world in need of fixing is still very real to you. You haven’t learned yet that the guilt that you see is projected from your own mind.  And it is this guilt that seems to give the world of form substance and reality.
The ego (personal thought system) in your mind is a thought system of guilt. From it you project guilt onto meaningless form. So you will release guilt from yourself and the world when you release the ego. Since the premise for guilt is that you killed God, you will release the ego when God is real to you and you realize that there is no justification for guilt.
            So before you can release the guilty meaning that makes the world so real to you, you must grow your awareness of God. And the Holy Spirit within you is the means to do this. The Holy Spirit is the thought system of God in your mind that can replace the ego. It meets you where you are. So you do not have to give up your interests and values, like fixing the world. Instead you want to bring the Holy Spirit with you as you pursue them. The Holy Spirit will use them as classrooms in which you learn from and of the Holy Spirit. Then, instead of being ends in themselves, they will be the means for growing your awareness of God.

            You do not have to judge yourself for whatever honest values you have in the world. Your personal values are neither right nor wrong. They are all actually nothing. But with the Holy Spirit as your guide you can use them to grow your awareness of God. Eventually, God will be real for you and you will release your projections of guilt onto meaningless form. You will realize that there is no world. Only God is real.

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