Ask: (#1) Why do you and other teachers charge money?

(This article is the first of four in a dialogue with the same questioner that will be published here today and through the next 3 weeks).
I would really like to know why all spiritual teachers I've come across including yourself ask for money in return for teaching people about God. No one has ever answered me this question, so please answer me. Why are you making the Truth corporate? Jesus didn't ask for money or anything in return to teach people about God.” – KR

I cannot speak for others, but I offer a service that no one needs but that some may want. Obviously God (True Being) is in every mind so no one needs me to bring God to them. But some want to grow their awareness of God and I offer assistance with that. And just as everyone brings to their work, I offer my time, energy, attention, education, and experience. I ask for money in exchange for all of this because money is required to exchange for things that facilitate living in the world. So my business is just a business like any other. It is not somehow “special” just because the services I offer are of a spiritual nature. My services are intended to point people inward toward Truth if they are open to It. But like all form it is not Truth itself.
I do not claim to be Jesus or even like Jesus. I cannot speak to His motivations because of course there are as many Jesus’s as there are people who think about Him! What someone tells you they see in Jesus tells you about them and nothing about Jesus.
            Please look to see if you are giving absolute-moral meaning to money or the earning of money. Like all form, money and the earning of money has no meaning in itself. Any meaning that you see you give to it. And giving absolute-moral meaning to things in the world comes from the belief that guilt is real and that you will be punished. Behind this is a belief that there is a god outside of you who decrees an absolute morality that you must follow in the world or be punished. Of course, this god does not exist. It is a construct of the ego meant to hold guilt and the ego in your mind. But believing in this god is the source of guilt and fear. This belief is what you must undo with the Holy Spirit to be at peace.

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I lead three Course groups. We don't 'charge money' but we do have a basket out for cash so that the groups can be self-supporting, pay rent, buy coffee, books, etc. I think teachers who charge money are doing it for the same reason anyone gets paid for what they do - for survival basics - shelter, water, energy, and food. How could they keep teaching if they die of exposure, thirst, extreme weather, and starvation.
And, let's not forget the whole section in the back of the book on "The Question of Payment" which says, "Even an advanced therapist has some earthly needs while he is here. Should he need money it will be given him, not in payment, but to help him better serve the plan. Money is not evil. It is nothing." (ACIM, Psychotherapy-3.III.1:3-6)
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