Ask: Which Workbook lessons helped you bring your awareness back to Truth?

“…What are your favourite Workbook lessons?  Which ones have you personally found to be the most useful for bringing your awareness back to Truth?  Are there any which you found yourself repeating more frequently than others, as you trained your mind?” – OT

This June it will be 30 years since I started A Course in Miracles. I did the Workbook right away, at the same time that I also dove into the Text and Manual for Teachers (I was hungry for it all!). So it has been a very long time since I’ve done the Workbook. I do not remember which lessons resonated with me back then. I do know that I thought I did a lousy job of it. But a lot more of it sunk in than I was aware of at the time.
I can say that the idea in one of them which says something like, “We say God is and then we cease to speak” was one I was brought back to again and again in many different forms by the Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth in my mind). The most transformative practice for me has been to simply open my mind to God (Truth, Reality) without any goal but to be aware of God. This practice has brought the greatest insights and shifts toward peace.

Much later I was given another thought by the Holy Spirit which helped to keep my mind centered in Truth: “Only God is Real.” Whenever I was tempted to get caught up in the world I’d use this thought to remind me that only my experiences of God are real and I can let go of the rest.

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