Ask: If individuality falls away how was Jesus able to dictate ACIM?

“…If we are not really individuals once we leave this illusional world how was Jesus able to communicate as a former individual self to dictate the course?  Is there a memory of who we once were (which would explain near death experiences where people meet loved ones) that remains with us when we return to our oneness?  Is all of who we thought we were here in this illusion forgotten?  If that is the case, it makes Jesus claim of being a former body confusing to me…”

            The story of Jesus is one of a man who became so aware of God (True Being) that he stopped identifying as a man and identified with God instead. In A Course in Miracles this awareness is called “Christ”. The potential for this awareness is in every mind because God is in every mind. But for some “Christ” is too abstract an idea so they need a concrete symbol. “Jesus” can be a symbol of the Christ in every mind and some find this useful. Others need a role model that they feel they can follow and their story of Jesus serves as that for them. And for still others, it is too frightening for them at first to think of Christ within their own mind. In their guilt they do not feel worthy and fear that they will be punished for thinking that Christ is within them. So they temporarily need Jesus as a way to keep some distance between themselves and Christ.
Helen Shucman heard Christ in her own mind and she identified It as “Jesus”. Just as your personal story is just a story anything that you think about Jesus is just a story, too. There are as many stories for Jesus as there are people who think about Him! As ACIM points out, we make an ego not just for ourselves but for everyone we meet. It is the same with those we never meet but just think about. But if you are open to Truth then the idea of Jesus can serve as a useful symbol of Truth until you no longer need symbols.

In my experiences of direct Revelation of God there is only one Being extending infinitely and eternally. There is no memory or thought of this personal experience. In God there is only God. To understand this is to understand the true forgiveness that the story of Jesus can represent.

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will said…
The nightmare of A Course in Miracles. Concepts, statements, ideas of Oneness that the human mind cannot understand. You study and study and study trying to understand what can't be understood by the personal mind. People cherry picking statements of non-duality to explain the Course when they can't be understood. It's no wonder people think the Course is crazy. The Course is not trying to get you to understand Oneness it is ONLY pointing you in the direction you need to be headed. You will drive your self crazy if you think it is a text book to be understood. You have a human mind in a human world with a Course that is pointing you towards something that you will be unable to make sense of with your mind. It is a ROADMAP TO THE HOLY SPIRIT who will teach you by removing the blocks to understanding. I spent years running into a wall thinking I was supposed to make sense of the Course using the Ego. The information about Oneness that is talked about in the Text is to let you know what the Holy Spirit will be teaching you.
Christine said…
Thanks Liz and Will. After reading your installment, and Will's comment, I seriously feel like I (we) have "saved 1,000 years" (of study, and or confusion, etc.)...I am so glad I found this website.
will said…
As a quick follow up. The Holy Instant that we talked about in the last post, this is where the Holy Spirit is doing the teaching, this is where the Course is being taught, the "Experience" that the Course talks about. You have no conscious awareness that this is happening, but it is. Over time and 20/20 hindsight you will be able to see the process that has been going on. You read the text, you study the text and you do your best to understand what it is saying. But there are parts that you will not understand how it can be true. The ego loves to see you chase your tail and make you disgusted with the whole thing. LET IT GO AND MOVE ON. The questions you want answered and are tying to figure out are given to you in the Holy Instant over a period of years. RELAX RELAX. It is a process and you are not in charge, but you are here studying the Course for a reason, it is not a mistake that you are here. Luck.
will said…
Your spiritual state of mind (or lack of it)when you approach God is the most important thing.
Anonymous said…
@ "Will"; "There is nothing to 'understand' "

will said…

Remember, we are working on two levels. There needs to be awareness and understanding at the level of the personal mind before the Holy Spirit can heal the mind. That's why there is a text or a Course for that matter. The ego is always trying to come in the back door with it's bag of tricks. It wants you to succeed but only with it's version of the Course.
Lynda said…
Is Truth diametrically opposed to anything? My understanding of Truth is the allness of being (non duality), which stands alone and without opposition. Truth does not need illusion nor opposes it. To say Truth opposes anything sets up a dualist thought system.
will said…
That sounds right to me.
he had firm faith in God. that's how.

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