Ask: Since my body is an illusion what's the point in taking care of it?

“…I understand that everything is an illusion, just as Einstein discovered with his telescope, no matter just energy. But what I'm having a problem understanding is, since my body is an illusion, what's the point in trying to eat properly and taking supplements and curing disease naturally that enters my body, all of which are illusions?...” – AM
            Before I get to your question, let me clarify that Truth is formless so the universe of form is the illusion. There is no relationship between Truth (Formlessness) and illusion (form); they are diametrically opposed. What Einstein discerned and then proved with math (not a telescope) about matter being made up of energy (form, too, though invisible) is an explanation for how the universe of form works. He did not reveal what A Course in Miracles means by “illusion”. This will never be revealed through science because science always validates form, visible or invisible. Science “proves” that form (illusion) is real. Truth cannot be “proven” through objective “evidence”. Truth is a wholly subjective experience.
Your question is a common one and one that comes from what I call the “pouting ego (personal thought system)”. You have read in a book that the body is an illusion. This makes the ego uncomfortable so it goes on the attack and gets petulant: “If it’s not real then why should I take care of it?” Of course, the ego will never see or understand that the body is not real. And if you really understood that the body is not real you would not have this question. You could just as easily ask, “Since the body is not real, why should I not take care of it?” From the perspective of Truth it does not matter one way or the other what you do with the body. The decision is always one within the illusion.
            Motivation (“why”) and judgment are ego postures. When you are aware that the Truth is true you do no seek for motivation for or judge what the body does or does not do. You forgive it, which means you let it be without judgment. You find yourself taking care of the body according to what it needs in the context in which you find it. Your care for the body comes naturally without a “why?”

            If you are not yet at a stage where your care for the body comes without thought then use your concern for the body to grow your awareness of Truth. Ask the Holy Spirit within you, “Do I need to do anything to take care of this body? If so, what? I’m open to Your guidance.”

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Anonymous said…
Thank you for the suggestion of how to connect with Holy Spirit with this issue. It's very helpful in practicing what the Course teaches.
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