Ask: Do the following statements/questions about mind make sense?

“…If one has read ACIM and experienced a number of shifts in identity, do the following statements/questions make sense to you?

1.  IT is what we Are (MIND and mind) = ONE Mind
2.  Is the above statement what Jesus (a figure within the mind to point us to the MIND) meant when he said "when two become One, it shall be done".  I had experience where the two parts (seemingly) merged or crossed over. 
3.  Once one realizes that all is Mind, is there a natural merging back into the mind? Or is that still the conditioned mind (ego) demanding attention.  It feels like mind wandering again.  The running of different fantasy about a personal life and I know that I am hurting myself because at some place I again fulfill the wish (live, die, repeat ??)
4.  What stage would this fall into?  Once having realized being the Mind, the seeker within (so I don’t study like I use to) faded and now I just pay attention to my thoughts.  I want to play with them also, but this has led me to a feeling that I have to start all over Forgiving.  The secret dream that the Course refers to is just as demanding but different because one knows the separation never happened.  Instead of forgiving the world of form, I am forgiving my perceptions in my own mind.  Yet they are perfect if one was to stop and realize. I still mix the ego in with them it seems.  Does that make sense?
5.  The personal self does not know what to do to advance her career because I experienced a 'what illusions to choose from' realization.  The mind is always waiting for the next thought.
6.  There is no personal awakening, so how could Mind realize Itself and continue to pretend to be mind?
7.  All the personal yuk stuff resurfaces (only It’s in the Mind of the mind). So it seems... new to Salvation and still dealing with my stuff ha ha!!!  It is kind of funny.  And I get tired of my perceptions pretending to be separate…

…Basically, I want to perceive the Holiness of my Mind all the time.  Stable. Having experienced Eternalness I am not fulfilled with anything less than and with this thought I am not as joyous as I have been.  I know that IT is there, however I still get caught in my ego thoughts…” – DM

1. Yes, there is one Mind. It is the Mind of True Being. But where the thought of the opposite-of-Truth occurs it seems as though there are many minds split between Truth and illusion. Truth is all that is real and eternal in any mind. Everything else falls away.
2. If you are speaking of a quote in A Course in Miracles I could not find it. (I tried all sorts of configurations of your quote in my searchable ACIM and found nothing like it). It is possible that it was a passage referring to your mind no longer being split. However, often when in ACIM such statements are made it is referring to Helen and Bill’s unique Holy Relationship where they were at an equal teaching/learning stage, simultaneously learning the same things. They each saw their own Holiness reflected in the other. So it may have been saying that when they accept the Holiness that they see reflected in the other and realize that the seeming separation is not real, their “salvation” will be complete.
3. There is nothing to “merge back into” Mind. Mind is always Mind. The problem is that you believe that you are a self, which is a thought in your seemingly-separate mind. And you believe in all of the other thoughts you have about the self and the rest of the universe of form (also thoughts). And you believe in the thought system of the ego, which is a thought system about the reality of the self. So what must occur is you drop your belief in these thoughts. Then all that will be left is Mind.
4. You are in the” period of sorting out” or you would not be contacting me. Once a person enters the “period of relinquishment” they no longer have a need for an external teacher, except maybe at the very beginning of that stage. It is the stage where you become willing to follow only the Holy Spirit.
Watching your thoughts is the practice that makes you aware that you are mind. Forgiving (releasing your belief in) your ego thoughts is the whole process to peace. So you do not “start over”, you continue in that process.
The desire to study will come and go until all studying falls away naturally. Sometimes you will be hungry for study. At other times you will not want to study at all. In those times you are integrating all that you have learned up to that point. When it’s time to learn more, the hunger for study will return.
5. Your old motivations for the self fall away when you no longer try to find fulfillment by living through the self. Then you find it difficult to make decisions for the self. So give the self to the Holy Spirit. Say to the Holy Spirit, “Is there a next step for this self’s career? If so, I am open to Your guidance.” Then let it go and keep your mind open. If there are steps to take, you will know what to do.
6. There is no personal awakening in the sense that a self and its thought system (ego) do not become aware of Truth. But an individual mind can become aware of the Truth in itself apart from the ego thought system. But becoming aware of the Truth within and accepting that only the Truth is true is a long process where one vacillates between Truth and illusion for a long time as they undo all of the ways that their desire for and belief in illusion shows up. And then, finally, one must become used to a different way of being – as an abstract mind rather than a concrete body/self.
7. You will not be bothered by the ego’s perceptions of separation when you no longer believe in them. Then you will see that they are nothing and easily dismiss them. In the meantime, grow your awareness of Truth and the awareness that these thoughts are not real will come naturally.

Yes, once you experience Truth you will not be satisfied without It being wholly in your awareness. And that is the motivation that keeps you going in this long, sometimes difficult process. So as you work this process enter into Truth when you can, and when you cannot, remember that It is here whether or not you are aware of It. Accept that you are in a process that will result in Truth being always in your awareness. Joy will return!

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Christine said…
A couple of months ago I had to have some repair work done on my car and the garage had to reboot the whole electrical system or something and in turn they forgot to reboot my radio. I found out as I drove home and funny shapes appeared on the screen and it didn't work - anyway, I called them when I got home...they said, oh dear - bring it right back and we'll recalculate your radio, etc. I thought for a moment - no, I will just let it go for now and "enjoy the quiet". I work at home, so it isn't important that I listen to traffic reports, so I have had that "quiet time" in my car when I do drive on the weekends. So: I chose to have a little more space for "quiet time" to be still and listen for the Holy Spirit - just to "practice" listening, neutral chit chat stuff. Last Saturday I got the thought clearly when my mouth was zipped and my distractive thoughts were inactive: was something like: "The whole purpose for this experience in the world is to identify, reduce, and eliminate your guilt." All this dancing around - hoping, praying, avoiding, running to, etc....we simply have to go to the root of 'the problem' and to get that guilt.
It's like being a pest exterminator. The Course isn't about finding and seeking Love - that's fine and is all that is real...but we don't have 'time to waste' being bliss ninnies! I am not driving myself crazy with this attitude - it is easy. I find myself screening my actions: like, am I doing this out of a sense of guilt? Or am I extending Love in this situation. It is just a split second thought - not laborious. Correct me if I am too harsh, Liz!
ACIM Mentor said…
It doesn't sound harsh Christine. It sounds like you've reached this place naturally.
ACIM itself says it's not about seeking for Love, which you already have. You must seek for your obstacles to Love (guilt) to undo them and become aware that Love is always here.
will said…
But get the radio fixed too:)
annie said…
grateful for the insight Liz this answered so many questions for me in the plain english version speak annie

nicci said…
thank you.
Christine said…
I woke up Saturday morning 'hearing': "Live like there's no yesterday." Liz, without your website, blog, and mentorship I doubt I'd be at this point of awareness. I am grateful for your dedication to explaining the Course to anyone who will listen and work at it. It does get to a point where one doesn't have to 'work at it' and can just listen...especially with the radio, TV, Smart Phone, tablet, PC, one's own internal yammering thoughts all turned off from time to time! Ha!

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