Ask: Would a "peak experience" be a Holy Instant?

“I was wondering lately how the Course would describe or define Maslow’s “Peak Experience” occurrence? I didn’t know that I had two distinct Peak Experiences before I took a psychology course in college… Nothing since then! Would a “peak experience” be something like the Holy Instant? Thanks.” – CS

            What Maslow describes seems to take in many kinds of experiences. So I would say that his descriptions of peak experiences would include, but are not limited to, the Holy Instant.
            The Holy Instant is an experience of God (True Being). The ultimate Holy Instant would be a direct Revelation of God in which you experience only God. In this experience the world does not exist for you at all, not even as an idea. It is an experience of pure, joyous Being extending infinitely. This is very rare. Most never have this experience. And those of us who do experience direct Revelations have them very rarely.
            But as you practice the Holy Instant daily it can show up for you as an everyday miracle, like hearing the Holy Spirit or having peace suddenly come over you. Or sometimes you may have what I call a “higher miracle”. In a higher miracle you transcend the world but you are still aware of it. You have an expanded sense of being, beyond the limitations of a self. You are everywhere and you feel joyously connected to everything that you perceive. But you see that the world is nothing. The connection you feel is to content – the mind behind the forms that you perceive.

            So some of what Maslow calls a “peak experience” would be what I just described as a “higher miracle”. 

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christine said…
In other words, is it like experiencing a 'memory' of heaven rather than experiencing something new? Can you please explain how we 'practice' the Holy Instant again? Thanks.
ACIM Mentor said…
In the Holy Instant you turn your mind inward and invite Truth into your awareness right now. If you have had experiences of Truth - everyday miracles, higher miracles, direct Revelations - then, yes, you can remember them to motivate you to open yourself to Truth now.
jacomina said…
I was listening in on Wednesdays recorded message and it was very good. The thorough explanation of "processing" and then communing. Very helpful Liz Sure answered alot of questions I had. I put this method into practise immediately and experienced something more than the usual self comdemnation because I'm doing it wrong. I actually had fun. (and if you knew me you'd know what a miracle that was). Thank you. Jacomina

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