One Story

I have come to a higher vision where I see the universe of form as a tapestry; a unitary, unified story where once I saw it as a collective (macro story) of independent stories (micro stories) all playing on each other. The choices for this self have not been independent choices influenced by and influencing the larger macro story as I thought they were. The choices for this self have all been part of one whole unfolding story. I experienced those choices, and still experience the choices for this self now, as though they were made by a singular independent split-mind among many independent split-minds. But now I know they are simply the singular unfolding of one larger story. Every choice is the effect of only one split mind. And none of the choices have any real effects. The Truth goes on untouched by any of it. It is just a story.

I knew back when I studied A Course in Miracles that the “you” it was speaking to was not what I experienced as the individual “me”. For example, where it speaks to the choice to be separate from God I knew it was not referring to a choice that I made as an individual. This individual, like all individuals, is an expression of the choice of one split-mind (what ACIM calls the “Son of God”) to be separate from God. But only now do I see this. And of course this choice, again, is not a real choice. Nothing real is occurring. It is just the playing out of the idea of the opposite-of-God.

I went from being almost wholly ego-identified and feeling that the self was reality. I thought this self was one among many. Then I shifted to being aware of a mind split between ego (personal thought system) and the Holy Spirit (the thought system that comes from an awareness of Truth). I thought this split mind was one among many. Eventually I saw that there is really only one split mind that takes many forms. The content of all of these minds is the same though their forms are different. So I came to understand that these minds were a projection in the likeness of one split mind. But I still thought of them as independent of that one split mind. And now I see that they are not.

Does this change anything for the self? No. Whatever its choices they are part of the one story. They cannot be anything else. But I say this vision is “higher” because, apart from the self, I can see the whole story, as though I am above it, rather than in the midst of it seeing only what is in front of me.

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ACIM Mentor said…
This higher vision is just that. The experience is one of clarity and that is all.
hannah said…
so, only ONE undefinable source seeming to dream all of it? thats where i have come to. you and i are part of the same mind, or.. in the same mind, or dreams in the same mind.

i have no idea what God is, i have a feeling maybe true being cant be understood with the 'senses' of time and space, but i had an experience last week. i had been visiting my nephew who is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Taran has been my biggest.. challenge/teacher to being able to free my mind from fearing pain, sorrow, anger and guilt.. fearing the 'reality' of the ego and its effects. about a minute after leaving the house the words ran through my head 'not my will but gods' and for about five seconds i experienced the most beautiful joyful perfection. it was impossible for anything, any choice anyone made ever, to mar the perfection in any way.. every single choice ever made was part of the perfection, even if Taran chose to end being Taran. The world was kind of.. visually and emotionally golden without actually looking any different. it felt like, well in my mind ive called it one perfect song, and everything converged harmonically no matter what. no one could be 'left behind' or 'left out' because there was only one! and somehow that wasnt lonely, but joyful.

unlike past experiences, i couldnt even be peeved that it only lasted five seconds! i still feel grateful and know that peace is real, even if i am now only feeling the.. warming, heartening glow, not the full fearless illumination of it.
ACIM Mentor said…
You just experienced the effects of being aware of God, Hannah. That was a higher miracle. So you know what God is.
Anonymous said…
I'm happy to see that there is only one split.
It simplifies everything , thanks for the story. :-)
Fran said…
This description sounds very much like those of people who have had awakening experiences...where they say the personal reference point ceases to exist. Some say the realization comes in two parts. First, there is 'no one' and 'no thing' separate from the whole. Second, 'I am everything'. Is that what your experience is? Also, do you think anything in particular led to your seeing? I seem to understand intellectually, but 'seeing' has not occurred for me. Thanks, Fran
Anonymous said…
One whole unfolding story – well this nicely expands the belief of the Atonement, the Holy Spirit's plan and why we don't know our best interests and the importance of turning over all our decisions . . . the higher vision sees the bigger picture, the tapestry, and how choices play into the whole story of awakening the One Son of God.

My little story in one of the scripts of the whole story. Recently I see this self being pulled into the littleness of the world, to be a participant in making a life decision for another but I am holding the position, it is not my role to make any decisions for anyone. Sensing resistance from the others, I don't react and trust and watch the script play out. I know I am not in control and so I ask, why am I in it? What I see is the development of trust that is showing me how I have advanced up a rung on the ladder home. Instead of planning and acting and fixing as I did in the past, how the ego would have me play, the Holy Spirit whispers, you now know better dear. So I'm off the playing field and watch from the side lines and with trust, I send this whisper to the others as a blessing of my holiness, you know better my dears, listen to the Holy Spirit, He decides for all. I trust in the higher plan, knowing I need not do anything.
ACIM Mentor said…
Fran, I have had flashes of the oneness of every-thing. My experience of "I am everything" is "I am All-that-is" not of "I am every-thing". That experience transcends form.
What led to this vision? Willingness to see demonstrated by 30 years of inviting Truth into my awareness and undoing guilt.
Hal Seeley said…
Which explains synchronicity. This also gives credence to a recent idea that my thoughts are not individual and personal. Thoughts just popping into our mind are thoughts from the One Mind. Participating or not participating in the thought is part of the awakening process of the Son of God.
I recently have experimented with emotions and bodily pain where when fear arises or pain starts I simply observe them as though they are simply thought and then watch them dissipate because I do not give them life by thinking they are real and happening to "me".
hannah said…
thank you for sharing your experiences so honestly. thank you for the 30 years of willingness to learn to See. and thank God that Truth can be and IS shared ;)

while i still felt that holy spirit was something outside of me, and that i therefore needed outside help, your newsletters and ken wapnicks videos were what i was drawn to, despite the fact that 'you' often seemed to engender greater fear! (i still am drawn to follow your journey and writings, though it now it feels different again, in the light of one dreamer!)

this journey with ACIM started out blissful, exciting, got scary as all #***, terrifying, and after about 7 years of fear of non existence i finally feel like a happy learner again. i trust the power of my mind to choose to turn toward truth. i am no longer afraid of my minds power, as i feel my mind finally hovering around the actual feeling that this self cannot die as its not real... and that this is a very very good thing!
Jeremy said…
Liz, you said: "So I came to understand that these minds were a projection in the likeness of one split mind. But I still thought of them as independent of that one split mind. And now I see that they are not."

Yes, I now realize that I have been seeing like you, that these minds are a projection of one split mind.

This is so much like a night-time dream, right? In our dreams we seem to experience many minds but upon waking realize that the minds of each character in the dream is a projection of 'our one mind'.

And this explains how our thoughts affect all minds, since each mind is a projection of my one mind. If the dreamer changes his/her (though gender does not apply here) thoughts then each apparent mind reflects that change, clearly. This is how we save the world, not by preaching or convincing 'others' but by simply accepting the truth of who we are. And this is why 'brothers' are really projections of my own mind. When I see that clearly it is no longer possible to judge them as different. If I condemn them I am simply projecting my self-condemnation.
hannah said…
i just became aware of switching from being grateful of this experience of recognising the 'magnificent oneness' of holy spirit to being terrified of not having one special teacher in the world, one special individual or god outside of myself. ok, ok .. as i wrote that i thought that this makes sense in light of the egos need to exist. i wonder oh golly im so used to doubt and questioning. to simply drop this and trust seems like the height of arrogance.
Anonymous said…
I am grateful Liz as I realized your insight once again lifted me up. While driving home yesterday from a family Easter celebration, I experienced a glimpse of the "one story" you described (above the battleground). Then I get home and I am dropped back in the story, one of my dogs had an accident, one of my 14 siblings called to share family drama that was happening behind the scenes, and with me, unknowingly being one of the main characters in this drama. Then I think, this phone call and me in it, is the scene, nothing is happening behind the scenes. There is no behind the scenes. Oh my!

Then I had a hard time falling asleep as I found myself getting pulled into the littleness of the world. I got lost in thought (the story) about my Mom moving in with me and how things are going to change. Then waking up early, I realized my mistake and was called back to your blog. I see the story once again, a middle aged woman, living a seeming life of quiet solitude, in a country setting with her 3 dogs and now a new script is added to include room for Mom and the family that comes with her, oh the drama to come and a new role to play as caregiver.

The miracle, "quiet solitude", not the self's life in the country, with 3 pups and now Mom but the living within, (mind), that is where the quiet solitude resides. The world is just fiction trying to claim reality. Mucho Gracias Liz!
Anonymous said…
Remembering "Miracles reawaken the awareness that spirit, not the body is the altar of truth", I finished writing my comment, go to lesson 96 for review "Salvation comes from my one Self." Blessed is the gift of A Course in Miracles.
hannah said…
and now the fear is GONE from the rollercoaster!funny funny funny defence systems!! Mind is sure, and this is not arrogance ego ;)love to all xx
hannah said…
well.. what a cycle. the 626 above made me laugh, will tell you about it next time we speak liz. im astonished reading my posts above. no wonder the last two years have been as they have been. i dreamed once that a woman gave me a piece of tapestry that didnt have a frame. it was simple, yet stunning, and i knew it was the most priceless gift that could be given. we were both actors on a stage, but i couldnt remember what my lines were. do you remember me telling you that i almost got hit by a road train last year? today i drove by a three trailer bright purple rig, followed by a boat called 'grey'. at the moment im flicking quite wildly between 'opposing' visions, and its not fun. im finding it seemingly impossible to turn inward for longer than a few moments! i can study, and relax with it, but not access the still space without intense discomfort. im not pushing it because im afraid, and i dont trust that truth will feel less lonely than i do now. i feel im putting off the inevitable, and my close call with the road train had led me to decide that once i saw clear choice, id not 'waste time'. damn, it really would be much more useful to just speak with you again, im sure youd paint a calm picture of where im at.. even thinking of speaking with you and i can feel my mind edging into that space. but liz, maybe its time to reach into my own quiet space.. but if it was wouldnt i be doing that.. or am i just kidding myself, out of the same fear i expressed here a couple of years ago. desperately trying to keep the 'teacher' as other than i, so clinging to weakness? 'should' i just continue to ride this out do you think? it feels like an overwhelming amount of stuff going on all at once.. yet im aware that there is just one simple choice being avoided.. but i cant FORCE that choice, right? you always say these things unfounded naturally when its 'time' but .. am i being gentle and kind in a very uncomfortable time, or misusing your words to hide behind?
ACIM Mentor said…
Hannah, what I wished I had in my process was someone to validate my experiences, to help me process, and to remind me to be gentle with myself. That's why I'm a mentor now. You do not need to beat yourself up for wanting that and having that in teachers.

You are being hard on yourself. You cannot go "wrong". Just relax and stop judging yourself for everything you want.
hannah said…
its hard not to judge my wants for holding peace away. to judge myself for having/choosing wants. i see what you are saying, and why letting go of that judgement must be a process, until its not anymore.

i guess.. im hard on myself because if im not, who else would care for my peace? ok, now that was just weird. hmm. and yet.. who would!? conundrum.

but thanks liz, i am working on the judgement thing again.. welcoming the mentoring without worrying im doing myself a dis-service. phew, i didnt want to let go of it! been off track this last few days since experiencing the joy i wrote you about.

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