There Was No *Choice* to be "Separate From God"

There are things that become so clear without the belief in guilt in the mind! For me, one of those things is the idea that “separation from God” was not a choice made somewhere, sometime, perhaps by the “Son of God” (macro split-mind). While I was studying A Course in Miracles the Holy Spirit (Awareness of Truth) would try to get me to see that God (Truth) is One so there is no choice in God. Choice is a part of not-God, which is the opposite of God, so there could be no choice that caused the separation. Choice only has meaning within the separation. But I felt, without articulating it to myself, that someone had to be responsible for the error. In fact I worked at being hyper-responsible for the separation by always referring to it as something I chose even though I couldn’t see it. This is all over my early writing.

What the Holy Spirit was trying to get me to see, and what I can see now, is that nothing real has occurred, so how could there be a choice that caused it? I don’t mean this theoretically. I mean it makes no sense that separation from God was a choice. Being All, the Mind of  God, must think of Its Own opposite. But being All, It cannot have an opposite. The idea arises and is simultaneously undone: “What’s my opposite? Oh, yeah, I am All; I cannot have an opposite!” Just as God simply is, the idea of the opposite-of-God, or not-God, simply is, too. Except that what it is, is a meaningless idea. It is nothing. It arises and is immediately undone by God’s All-encompassing nature. There was no choice at all to make; there was nothing to make a choice.

Only within the idea of not-God does choice seem possible. Because only within the idea of not-God does it seem like something real occurred. It seems as though part of God broke off from God to make another reality. So there seems to be a choice between God and not-God. And in not-Got there are an endless number of choices to make.

Choice in the present is what the Holy Spirit kept bringing me back to. “Forget about any past ‘separation’,” It would say. “The choice to be aware of God or not is in front of you now.” I couldn’t get my mind out of the past; out of trying to understand “how all this came to be”, because there lay the “proof” of my guilt. Since it was so real to me, what could the Holy Spirit do but re-direct me to the present? Only in the present would I find that I was not “separate from God”. Only in the present could guilt be undone.

If the way you read A Course in Miracles leaves in place or increases guilt and fear you are reading it with the ego (personal thought system). When clients cannot hear the Holy Spirit directly I help them find another way to read ACIM and find release from guilt and fear. Email me at to set up an appointment. Learn more at

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Christine said…
So clear. I was just contemplating today how there is no "power" associated in God. Power over what?
ACIM Mentor said…
Christine, exactly. To be whole is to be naturally *empowered* so there is no need for *power over* anything.
nicci said…
so in what state of mind does the decision to choose peace over conflict, the forgiving of what isn't real occur? is this the borderland? when forgiving is extended in the mind and peace is experienced it feels like a resting in the Holy Instant.
ACIM Mentor said…
Nicci, the decision for peace is made by the micro split-mind. Forgiving what is not real is not the Borderland (as described in ACIM) but results in an experience of the Borderland - as you described, resting in the Holy Instant. In time, though, these experiences lead to living in the Borderland.
nicci said…
thank you. very helpful.
Paula said…
Hi Liz, Now that you view things without guilt in your mind, is there anything you would change in your book, Releasing Guilt and Fear for Inner Peace? And is all the information in that book still helpful?
ACIM Mentor said…
Paula, it seems that for me, when I write a book it is my way of consolidating my learning and moving past whatever I write about. So when I wrote RGIP I had undone my belief in guilt and, so, yes the information in the book is still helpful. Essential, I think.

I am currently reading RGIP with a client and the last time we met I remember encountering something in it where I thought, "Hmm. Don't think I'd say that now." But I don't remember what it was and it was not significant.

hannah said…
this makes me so happy! the longest lasting experience of joyful NOWNESS i have had so far, was the time a few months back where HS led me through a process of 'look, remember, choose'. the end result of that process was recognising that choice wasnt an actual thing, it wasnt real. but that while i was seeming to be a person, i could use choice TO remember that choice wasnt real! the joy! the openness of that lasted on and off for many hours. its surprising me right now how easy it seems to forget that! but this blog articulates the reason!

'Choice in the present is what the Holy Spirit kept bringing me back to. “Forget about any past ‘separation’,” It would say. “The choice to be aware of God or not is in front of you now.” I couldn’t get my mind out of the past; out of trying to understand “how all this came to be”, because there lay the “proof” of my guilt.'

i have simply been clinging to clouds of guilt!!!! golly, no wonder ive been so tired, so much effort to cling to the insubstantial! oh, the important stories of separateness, me-ness, them-ness. stories of gain and loss, victims and victimisers. anything, anything but meaningless!!

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