Ask: What is the relationship between Vision and sense?

“In section T-22.III.1.4-6, it reads: ‘You can see reason.  This is not a play on words, for here is the beginning of a vision that has meaning.  Vision is sense, quite literally.  If it is not the body’s sight, it must be understood.’
My question lies with Vision, and what it actually is.  For years as both a devoted student and teacher of ACIM, I have been aware that the body’s eyes were made to hide what could be seen.  So my understanding is if what we believe we see is not there, than it is Vision, the Holy Spirit’s sight, in which is gifted us through our practice of willingness and forgiveness.  (along with reason, being HS’s knowledge)  The above readings say; “Vision is sense, quite literally.”  I am a little confused.  If I try to understand, it is telling me that Vision is to sense or experience that which the Holy Spirit sees and knows—beyond the body and the world of form.  It cannot be “sense” as we know it in the world, sensing with our ears and eye’s and noses and hands.  It must be a spiritual “sense” and experience of something formless and timeless…” - BO

“Vision”, as A Course in Miracles uses the word, is seeing Truth in your mind, not the physical seeing of the body. Here, it equates “vision” with “reason”, or true “sense”. The word “sense” here is being used to mean “understanding” (as in, “that makes sense” or “I’m trying to make sense of this”), not to refer to the five senses of the body. The point it is making is that True Vision (Reason or Sense) is unambiguous and clearly understood when you experience It.

True Vision is not a gift given because you are willing or you forgive. It is in every mind, always. You do not need to be given What you already have! But you do need to remove your obstacles to seeing you already have Truth within. Truth (Vision) is What you see when you release yourself from the belief in the false. Willingness to experience forgiveness (release) is the practice that invites the Holy Spirit’s help to remove your obstacles to True Vision.

The body’s eyes are part of the universe of form that it reports to the mind. The ego (personal thought system) teaches that the body and what it sees are real. It also gives you a “vision”, or perception (interpretation), of what is seen by the body. However, it projects this perception onto the universe of form so that you think your perception of form comes from form. When you believe in this perception, you look outward at a projection from mind rather than inward to What mind really is. Your belief in form and the ego’s perception of it is the false that you must be willing to release to look inward and experience True Vision. And when you do, ACIM calls that “forgiveness”.

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hannah said…
Thank you BO and liz, Thus is Golden!

The timing is magnificent. Thank you for the cherries on top of a Love story i never saw as possible!

Vision: to Know thyself 😉
hannah said…
Its actually true! "When what you have dissociated is accepted, it ceases to be fearful".

Without guilt and fear, nothing CAN hide Reason. It is amazing to me right now that simply turning toward Love in our mind is enough. Well, part of me is amazed. The part of me that has seen how it was never NOT choosing it's vision, is not amazed, because i can see it never actually forgot, though it sure seemed to! Part of us knows that guilt is nothing. That Love is Whole. That fear isn't even a thing. Oh gosh! Such relief that there is nothing to change but my mind.. and even that isn't actually a thing! Choice changes nothing. If fear isn't a thing then neither is choice! Which funnily enough makes seeming to 'choose again' really easy!

hannah said…
Oh! Different ways of expressing things keep coming to me and making me laugh. Like, there are not conflicting wills. (Oh the joy! !) There is one will and and appearance of many wishes! All this time i thought i was changing my will, i was just (so am) letting go of an attachment to an apparent wish!
hannah said…
'So am' should read 'still am'.
nicci said…
thank you for sharing your insights hannah. they have been helpful. endless Love, n
hannah said…
Unconditional eternal love to you too nicci xx

I woke this morning in a state of dread. I felt really afraid of not having anything that needed my attention and my doing and my input. My mind is going ok so far isn't real hey? Try the unknown on for size then. Which is pretty hilarious from the point of view of the past few days immersion (in and out ) of this glorious still space of knowing ourself as Mind not bodies. I understand this is part of the process though. It's like the self is a habit! I'm sure anyone who has had an addiction will understand how the mind tricks us into feeling safer with something we know in fact to be destructive as a habit. What really feels different within this ego fear state note is that i know the fear is made up to serve a purpose! And it is easyy to be kind to thus mind because there is no justification in guilt. Guilt isn't real. Even within this dream of separation we are unified. Mind is one! Oh all you guys here.. Thank you for showing me that kindness is always the only sane and justified response to my unkindness!

I was listening last night to one of liz' recordings of her reading placim and she spoke about the will and wishes difference. I was like, Oh,i thought that was just my own way of describing the experience! Ego deflate ha ha! I'm joking actually it made me laugh and was just a lovey affirmation. Not that I needed the affirmation as there is no doubt in that experience, there is no doubt in any Vision of Oneness, Wholeness is the truth! e! But enjoyable reinforcement nonetheless!
hannah said…
Hmm. Now that's interesting. I'm not sure it's honest to say i don't still 'need' affirmation. Maybe that is part and parcel of where I'm at with self identification still. Or maybe I'm just still using the enjoyment of that to strengthen a sense of self that is dependant on Frank from outside to keep itself feeling real? Dunno!
hannah said…
Ah not Frank, feedback, laugh! I have had no Internet for a couple of months now and is a little trickier to monitor auto correct mistakes on the phone screen!

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