Riding in My Slipstream

Some of you may be having a reaction to my last two articles about the ego (personal thought system) falling away from this mind. Your response may be like what happens after a higher miracle. What I call a higher miracle is an experience where you either see that the Truth is true, that illusion is illusion, or both. Whether or not you experience peace or joy with this experience, it is followed by shock as you realize that what A Course in Miracles teaches is true. It’s not just theory anymore! An ego backlash then follows on the heels of this. The shock and backlash may pass in days or weeks, depending on how advanced you are in your awareness of Truth. The more advanced, the less intense the reaction.

Watching the ego fall and this mind rise in consciousness in “real time”, as it were, seems to be having a similar effect on some of my clients and readers. This is what I meant when I said some of you may “ride in my slipstream” in the article about the ego falling away. In essence, you are experiencing the realization “oh, my god, this is real!” in slow motion, rather than with the immediacy of a higher miracle. I’m sorry for your discomfort, but this is a good thing! Your reaction indicates that you are “getting it”. It is not just theory for you anymore. These experiences of seeing that it is possible to drop the ego, that it is possible to rise in consciousness, are necessary to shorten your path. They just really piss off the ego.

In shock, you may find it hard to think about what I wrote. You may find you cannot even remember what I wrote. Or, you may find you cannot understand it at all. The ego backlash may take the form of it telling you to stop reading my stuff, to doubt what I’ve shared, to think I’m just losing my mind, etc. Its resistance may also take the form of envying me or seeing me as “special” in some way to keep at a distance the possibility of you also dropping the ego. Of course there’s nothing special about me. I was only willing and embarked on a long process. The same process you are in now.

What can you do about this? Recognize it and ride it out. And, if you want someone to talk to, sharing my experience is what I do. Hopefully, I can save you some time in your process.

A mentor is someone who walks the path ahead of you. If you want to benefit from my experience and perhaps shorten your process, email me at Liz@acimmentor.com to set up an appointment. Learn more at www.acimmentor.com.

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will said…
Let's be "Observers" with this.

We all get a Gold Star just because we are here reading the blog.
will said…
June 6, Blog

"This mind is split between Truth and not-Truth. Not-Truth was represented by an ego. What’s left in not-Truth is what I call the identifier/observer. It’s what I used to call the “decision maker”, but it’s more helpful now for me to split it into these two postures. The identifier is the part with the habits of thinking with an ego. The observer observes this and watches as the habits fall away. In fact, this whole experience of undoing self and ego identification only requires observing as it unfolds automatically. There is nothing to “do”.
Deb said…
Grace provided this . . . "If there is trust in your heart, if you feel there is nothing more important than your own complete Self discovery, everything is included."

Sometimes it comes in the form of a raging storm with all the special effects . . . torrential rains, pelting hail, thunderous roars, lightning strikes and the lights go out. Then as quickly as it seemed to come it shifts to quiet and an added bonus, in the dark you see clearer then before. Ah, yes and gentle laughter with a thought, oh the ice cream is going to melt and by candlelight you ride this storm too, spoonful after spoonful.

nicci said…
thank you Liz. this posting was exactly what i needed. exactly.
endless Love, n
Thanks for writing this Liz. All that stuff you mention has been coming up with a friend of mine with a friend of mine and the communication he experiences - doubting what he's shared and the messages he receives, wondering if maybe he's just making it up, envying him, seeing him as “special” - like it happens for him - it's never going to happen for me though.
will said…
The Observer is the Holy Instant.
Practicing the Holy Instant (T.15.IV) as described in the text can leave you as confused as you were before you read it. More so.

“The necessary condition for the holy instant does not require that you have no thoughts that are not pure. But it does require that you have none that you would keep (p.311)”.

‘The observer,’ that’s you, stands back and looks at the ego; that is everything that is going on in your head. You are now watching something independent of you. It is just a TV running on and on and you have stepped back and are looking at it. You thought the TV was you, but standing back it is just something running on and on regardless if you identify with it or not. This is the practice of ‘having no thoughts you would keep’. If the ego tells you there has to be more to it than that, just remember it is the Holy Spirit doing the work, you’re just doing your tiny part.

Be an Observer!
ACIM Mentor said…
Will, to be nit-picky, I would not say the observer is the Holy Instant. The Holy Instant is an experience of Truth. "Practicing" the Holy Instant, however, can mean being the observer. Really, the important thing is, as stated above, being willing to let go of other thoughts. You can do that in an instant. Observing hopefully helps you get to that instant.
will said…
Your not being not-picky at all. I would never write any of this stuff if you weren't there as back up. And yes you are right (see p.303) Observing is practice not the Holy Instant itself. I wrote this, one, because I liked the fit of Observing as practicing the Holy Instant and two, the Holy Instant was one of those things I just couldn't get a handle on. For years! I'm just now putting the pieces together where I have internalized it not just quoting a definition. Chapter 15 may be beautifully written but almost impossible to nail down for students.
I'm not going to look for it now, it's late, but I did read while researching this that the practice can never really come close to the actual Holy Instant.
Brenda said…
Congratulations, Liz! Wonderful! Hope I get caught in your slipstream
Paula said…
I think you're right, Liz. I've been gliding through the past few days in the Observer role in my mind and not all that interested in anything else.. Things are crossing my mind but I'm so involved in being the observer that I couldn't be bothered even with the observations. Im letting them all slip past. Then I've been feeling a pull to go deeper within myself because I've realised there's no point in seeking outside myself - all idols do not satisfy me. Chunks of ego are falling away. Feeling the pull of God within. Tonight the title of this post kept repeating across my mind so I had to come read it. Thanks for the free ride. Catch you in the slipstream. :-)

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