Life As Spirit (so far)

Whenever I express to others a dramatic shift in my experience I am asked to describe how life is different from the way it was before the shift. Of course I have been asked this since I have shared with others that this mind has attained the ongoing awareness that I am Spirit.

Life goes on as usual for the self (body/personality) on the outside. Well, as usual for living in the countryside in south Western Australia, which is wholly unlike the life I lived in a desert city in the southwestern US just a few weeks ago! But I mean the self appears as usual like a person, doing what people normally do every day, and I am experienced as a person by others.

The dramatic difference is within. I live so wholly in the moment. I call this experience Hereness. (It could also be called the “Spaciousness” I have referred to before. Or just being wholly present, centered, or in Presence). I am like an island in the stream of time, around which time flows. I am often staring out windows or sitting outside looking at the garden. Well hell, there isn’t a single bad view here, who wouldn’t? But often I’m not thinking about anything. I am simply being. What else is there to do, really? Until I am moved to think about something or do something with the self. And then I do all the usual thinking and doing, as needed.

I don’t ask for the right action or the right time to take action. I just know what and when. I don’t concern myself with the thoughts being “good” or “right” or whatever. Judgment isn’t needed, not even on judgments.

Sometimes the very recent past, when I dismantled an entire life to make room for this new one, will surface with all the feelings of bafflement and grief and resistance one would expect. But each time the feelings are milder and I have learned to let them come up and go by without doing anything with them. They come up because they are still here in this mind, that’s all. They pass.

Attachments fall away as they need to. Most of the time I didn’t even know they were there until I watch them fall.

It used to be I saw dark thoughts as blocking my awareness of Truth, like clouds before the sun. Truth was still there, but I was not aware of It. But now I see it from the other side. When dark thoughts roll around, they do no block my awareness of Truth, but rather the extension of Truth (Love) through me. So they limit my awareness of Truth for a short time, but that is all. No biggie.

I experience others as passing, too. I am with them for the time I am with them, but do not give them any further thought, unless there is some reason to do so. Then that happens naturally and spontaneously, too.

I find it easy to just be quiet with others. Many thoughts of things to say will cross my mind, but most go unspoken. Then I find the self speaking and I just watch and listen. That moment in time will pass, too, after all.

In other words, this mind is a lot quieter.

I feel ethereal instead of concrete. I am everywhere, always, and yet nowhere specific. I am the grass, the trees, that person, this person, that house, that road, etc. But I am all of them at once.

I am you and you are me. But I do not go around thinking “I am you and you are me.” I just know this.

I also do not go around thinking “I am Spirit.” I just know that, too. I act as a person, but I know I am not that. I wear the person lightly.

I often feel “disappeared”, which is really another way I experience the expansion of my awareness to Limitless Being. I feel “disappeared” because boundaries are gone.

I feel I cannot have a presence for others; I must be like empty space. But Hannah tells me I do, because the self still expresses thoughts and opinions and stories. These are insignificant and passing to me. However, I understand that to others they are real and meaningful. They still see a body, a personality, a person, and she is concrete to them because they project their own seemingly-concrete “reality” onto her.

Spacetime collapsed for me at that moment I called The Break, when in May I felt hurled upward in consciousness and outward toward Australia. The future seemed present and more real to me than what was actually manifestly present. I am in that future now. What was future then continues to unfold in the present. What I still see in the future unfolds from the present.

I feel the personality called “Liz” being reworked and remolded. She used to be, for this mind, an expression of ego (personal thought system). But that version of her passed away when the ego fell away. Now she is an expression of Spirit, and that is transforming her. She is in a process I watch.

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will said…
I think that must be a good place to sit. I spent a number of years living on an island in Micronesia. I was in my teens.I was gone long enough that I lost contact with the reality of living in America.I lost contact with a life in America. Things fell away from my mind and were replaced by new ones.
nicci said…
thank you ever liz. i am listening.

(this morning a more profound realization-acceptance of mind as the source- Source of all causation - Causation...
and a brief falling into deep peace. gentle peace when i return to HS)

endless L, n
Christine said…
"I wear the person lightly." I

That's a wonderful descriprion.In one of Joel Gomdsmith's books there is a chapter somewhere about the personal self "dying daily"...he describes a tree branch about to flow in the river but there still is an attached branch or root clinging on the muddy bank. And about letting go of that last bit of clinging I guess to material identification.
jonart said…
Thank you Liz for your description of life today..walking lightly. Blessings.
Liz, I am in the Hereness too. I call it “Is-ness.” More and more people must be waking up because Truth happened here, a while ago, too. Your description is my reality. I spend the day watching the unfoldment?.....nothing?.....Is-ness? Can’t put a word to It.

I would bet nicci, Christine and Deb live in the Hereness as well. It is so natural, it is had to identify it.

All is love.
Maryanne Cosmo said…
Thank you for sharing your experience. I find it very reassuring.
JOAO said…
Deb said…
Music streams in this mind and I must share some of the lyrics that came streaming through. Liz, immense gratitude always, Deb

Island in the stream
That is what we are
No-one in-between
How can we go wrong
Sail away with Me
To another world . . .ah ha
Christine said…
Cairn, yes, more and more!
nicci said…

thank you for joel's teaching about the personal self dying daily. it has been a helpful expression of the way it is unfolding. these small descriptions do so much to deepen the path. thank you again.


driving with two wheels in the ditch still occurs, but more frequently a Gentle Hand redirects my steering back onto the road - the Hereness you speak of. most recently, Jesus directing me toward a more profound understanding of the true source of causation, and the lesson He offers - with the Infinite Patience i require - that the transformation i desire is found in the willingness to "forgive without exception and without reserve". so mind wandering, and its inept driving, is lessening. and being in Hereness grows stronger. there is more peace. thank you deeply for your faith in me. i have received it as a miracle and am immeasurably grateful.


song lyrics! yes, they (and the music that enfolds them) have played a powerful role in redirecting my mind into prayerful Hereness lately. thank you for "sail away with Me to another World...". in return for your gift, here are a few that are streaming through me these last few days, helping me come again into the Hereness cairn speaks of :

"every heartbeat is God's name to me,
every breath is ecstasy."


"there is a Space, within and around me,
where angels sing,
on rays of light,
and Love pours forth
from the Heart of the Universe."

endless Love sisters, n
Deb said…
There are polished mirrors in reflection here. I Am so beautiful! Thank you. So much has shifted and quite fast of late. No doubt a result of this years joining with Liz. Mighty Movement. Words of description don't form well these days so I mostly don't attempt except for, immense gratitude for all and everything.


will said…
You are very fortunate to have Hannah close by. Getting feedback, sharing thoughts, being close to someone is very important as yours and Hannah's spiritual awareness grows.
George Fordham said…
Love is not possession. I've found over the years trying to possess others or things or even Spirit hasn't worked out. Our task now, at present, is dealing with our faulty perception not over emphasizing the Ultimate. May our inner Guide be with us all in this. Love , George.
ACIM Mentor said… don't know Hannah...if you like to be challenged...
hannah said…
muahahahahahaha.. now entering the second month of cohabitation, am about to stop playing nice ;)
will said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
will said…
Oh I don't know Liz. Hannah may be just what you need. Loosen you up a bit:-)

Typos above...
will said…
The Tale takes a new twist!
Hannah, You go girl, whip her into shape. This is wonderful news for the readers:-)
hannah said…
will, i guffawed! i reckon youre onto it... ;)
ACIM Mentor said…
And I thought we laughed a lot when I wrote that...
will said…
Coming from southern Missouri near the Arkansas border, any girl who uses 'reckon' is just okay in my book.
ACIM Mentor said…
Not only do they use "reckon" here a lot (is that just a country thing or is it universal in Aus?), but also "keen", as in "very much want to". I suspect those are two words I will pick up, especially "keen".

Apparently Ms. H already falls into an American accent on certain words :-), as she's been teased about it. Nothing is funnier, however, than when she tries to do an American accent. Something weird happens to her voice...
will said…
Oh God, I'm to have fun with this.
Googling "Australian Slang", one site reports slang is used keeping the teeth clenched to keep the blowies out (keeping the blow flies out):-) laughing so hard...
will said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
will said…
Liz, Ask Ms. H to show you how they keep the blowies out. Hannah ought to rip a good one doing that:)

I get to laughing so hard my spelling goes out the window & I have to rewrite this stuff.
ACIM Mentor said…
It was one of my first lessons, Will
will said…
I was laughing at the article, the things people feel the need to include in what they write.
hannah said…
youre supposed to keep the blowies out? damn..
will said…
tim said…
Today I was led to your blog. I am here to stay. So much of what you said just today resonated with me. Thank you for sharing.

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