Truth, the Awareness of Truth, and Its Effects

Lately, I have been pulled back inward to the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit). I’ve certainly been experiencing It a great deal spontaneously, but this pull inward is something different. It seems to be coming from a conscious recognition of the difference between Truth, the Awareness of Truth, and Its effects.
It began with experiencing again Truth’s complete indifference to the experience of not-Truth. Contemplating this I became aware how caught up I’ve been in what are merely the effects of the awareness of Truth. Frankly, my life has transformed so greatly I had to be. The transformation began with the experience I call The Golden, when the Golden Light of Love came into my mind and brought a romance novel with It. During that time, I also reached a point where I recognized that the Light Itself and the love and joy that accompanied It, were really only effects of being aware of Truth. They were not Truth, nor were they the Awareness of Truth, and I didn’t want to lose sight of Truth. For a brief spell I was pulled back, like now, to turning inward to Truth. But not long afterward my seemingly-outer life went through a huge transformation and required my attention.
(When I write “awareness” with a lowercase “a” I am writing about the action of being aware of Truth. When I write “awareness” with an uppercase “A” I am writing about the state of being aware of Truth, also called the Holy Spirit.)
During the time I call The Dismantling, when I was undoing my entire outer life, I’d sometimes think about how I was experiencing the Awareness of Truth as the underlying Wave I was riding, but I was not consciously aware of Truth. When I tried to be, I felt it was not time. I would have to force the effort. My conscious efforts were needed in the dismantling of the life that had passed so I could move on to the new life I was given. The most I could do was rest in the Awareness of Truth; the Wave I was riding.
And here, in this new life, I’ve experienced what I call the Hereness. While the outward shifts in my life were effects of being aware of Truth, the Hereness is the Awareness of Truth Itself. It is the same as my experience that I am Spirit.
This has helped me clarify:
Truth is That-Which-is. It is wholly apart from not-Truth; It is wholly apart from the limited experience of form (including non-material forms like thoughts and energy), so wholly untouched by it. To understand this is to experience what A Course in Miracles means by “forgiveness”.
The Awareness of Truth (also called Spirit or Holy Spirit or Christ Consciousness) is the state of being aware of Truth as truth while also being aware of not-Truth.
The effects of the Awareness of Truth are the experiences that follow from being aware of Truth: Love, Peace, Joy; detachment from not-Truth; a transformed perception of not-Truth, which ACIM calls “the Real World”, “Vision”, or “Real Perception”; and, sometimes, to a transformed life in the world.
Truth does not exist so that it can cause effects in your not-Truth darkened mind any more than the sun shines to make plants grow. The sun shines and plants grow. Truth exists and comes into your awareness and this has the effect of not-Truth being undone in your mind. These effects in turn “prove” the existence of Truth and reveal the Awareness of Truth in your mind.

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will said…
Effects of being '(a)ware of Truth': I’m being led to move to Australia.

(A)wareness of Truth: I Am Spirit.

Effects from 'Awareness of Truth,'(I Am Spirit): Love, Peace, Joy.

I Am Spirit: Experiencing what the Course means by Forgiveness.
will said…
Believing what is convenient.

The blog separates Truth from not-Truth saying it is “wholly apart from the limited experience of form (including non-material forms like thoughts and energy), so wholly untouched by it.” Our efforts of thoughts and thinking are permanently separated from Truth. Your opinions and conclusions and forms are locked away from Truth. We are in the world of the ego.

Recently I have been reading an annotated version of the Course. What is reported to be Helen’s original notes as Jesus first talked to her. The Annotated Text is quite different from what we normally read. For this reader it is clearly being dictated for all of us not just for Helen and Bill. You go where the ego leads you.

Jesus speaks of his involvement in our lives here in the ‘dream' as a totally different approach than we might expect. A hands on and in some cases micro-management available to us all. Cut off from Truth we can only hear the ego in our head shout, “No, no, no, or Yes, yes, yes.” An order to believe what the ego tells us. What is your ego telling you?
ACIM Mentor said…
Will, your first post was right on. But in the second one I think you missed something. Truth is unaware of not-Truth the way the sun is unaware of Earth. Just as everything on Earth, including Earth itself, was shaped by the sun's effects (gravity, photons, etc), not-Truth is totally shaped by Truth, either by denying It or by letting It into awareness. So, your opinions, conclusions, and forms are not locked away from Truth unless you choose denial.
will said…
Your right, of course. I was thinking in terms of bringing Truth to not-Truth.
will said…
I had read some things in the "other" version of the text which I found unusual and interesting. When I was writing that comment I became reluctant to be specific. At least here in the blog. But I went forward without them when I should have just let it go. It is a rather confusing comment without the specifics. I would delete it in a New York minute if I was still doing that.
will said…
In the annotated Text Jesus takes a seemingly different approach to his interactions with us. He is much more hands on. He wants to be involved in helping us in the dream. He says He is the Atonement. In the Biblical Jesus he is healing people and doing miracles all the time. In the Annotated Text this is the Jesus that is talking with us.

Today as we look at the different Texts we look with the eyes and mind of the ego. The ego wants its say; wants us to hear it's opinion so to speak. We are put in a position of what we believe and what we don't. The ego which is separated from Truth does the arguing on what to believe and what not to believe or in some cases believing all of it.
will said…
For students the concept of Forgiveness can be very difficult to understand.

This week's blog says "I Am Spirit" is what the Course means by Forgiveness. We can picture in our mind "I Am Spirit" as being separate from everything. It is looking out at the thoughts and forms of the dream.

While most of us are not at the level of I am Spirit we are able to be "The Observer." We step back in our minds and look or observe our thoughts and the world around us. We take the perspective of being apart from everything. We begin to train the mind to accept "I Am Spirit."
George Fordham said…
Thanks, Will, for the help you and Liz give us. I've bought a copy of the new Complete and Annotated edition (Robert Perry ) The inclusion of the 4500 deleted words in the first 7 or 8 chapters makes a big difference to our understanding of ACIM. Love to all, George.
will said…
If a person is trying to learn ACIM there is nothing that even comes close to "The Message of A Course In Miracles, A translation of the Text in plain language" by Liz Cronkhite. It stands head and shoulders above any other book for the new (or old) student.
ACIM Mentor said…
Thank you for the plug, Will!

You (and anyone else) can also write a review of it at Amazon if you haven't already ;-).
will said…
You're welcome, but the book (As well as your others) speaks for itself. I can't even imagine how much frustration it would have saved me had it been around when I was struggling.
will said…
Trying to train the mind is difficult to say the least. At night in the dark before I sleep or sitting to do meditation, I try to quiet the mind. Actually, I’m trying to stop the incessant thinking and sit in silence. I live in an ideal situation to do this. It was planned. Alone, with little interference except the incessant phone I often pull the plug to my landline. I forget I have done that and for days the phone sits there unplugged. Eventually someone gets through to me and I plug it back in. I’m not anti-social at all. I am out and about a good apart of the day but when I come home, I like it quiet. But I digress.

Trying to train the mind is difficult because as a muscle it has not exercised at all in the direction of silence. It abhors it! So, silence or mindfulness requires effort. As always exercise of any kind always meets resistance. I suspect people who are successful at it are not particularly spiritual from the rest of us, they have just (just?) gone through the painful process of exercise. More later….
will said…
Well, that is ridiculous! If you have maintained any level of mental quietness in your spiritual life you have certainly gotten the payoff. Think of practicing the piano...

will said…
It has grown quiet and dull since Hannah has not reported in on the goings on at the market or if the new fridge has arrived. Maybe a picture of Liz's new digs is on the way? We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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