The Difference Between Psychological and Spiritual Wholeness

Psychological wholeness is not the same as the awareness of inherent Wholeness that is the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit/Christ Consciousness). Psychological wholeness results when, through life experience and/or spiritual awareness, you realize that you will be okay no matter what happens. You are aware of your inner strength, be it personal or your awareness of Truth, and you realize you can survive anything. On a worldly level, this is no small thing. It’s a lovely awareness to have in that context. But it is not the Wholeness of the Awareness of Truth.
To be in an Awareness of Truth is to be in an entirely different state of mind. It is a state of Abundant Wholeness, or Love. There simply is no lack in the Awareness of Truth. It is an unshakable state. You know it to reflect Truth, so it remains the same no matter what is happening in your life, to those closest to you, and to the world around you. You see that others feel that they are in lack all the time, even when they don’t acknowledge it. But you know for them that it isn’t true, so you have no need to correct them.
It is important to understand that you cannot make the not-Truth state of mind like the Awareness of Truth. To be in the Awareness of Truth requires a wholesale shift of consciousness. It is not merely a different point of view at the same level you are in when you are not in an Awareness of Truth. So there is no need to struggle to see what you simply cannot see at that level. However, when you invite the Awareness of Truth into your awareness It will shift the view for you at your level. You will see a given situation differently if you are willing. But understand that is not the same as being in the Awareness of Truth, Which presents you with such a different experience it really is a different “world”.

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nicci said…
would it be anywhere near accurate to equate the corrected perception i experience as a result of joining with the Voice for Awareness of Truth (HS) with the psychological wholeness you describe here, and the Knowledge i am promised will come as Spiritual Wholeness? n
ACIM Mentor said…
Nicci, yes.

(Your asking indicates the answer. If you were experiencing Spiritual wholeness you wouldn't have to ask!)

nicci said…
it is interesting. sometimes when i am asking the HS something, His Answer arises in the asking - and results in feeling closer to Him.

as a result of the transfer in training from study to deepened practice, i am learning to trust His Presence more fully and am moving from seeking Truth to Loving Truth. this fills me with gratitude. i get the sense that as my faith - trust deepens, going from Loving Truth to Being Truth is being taken care of for me. or maybe its more accurate to say i am comfortable not knowing how or when that transformation will occur...

your mentoring continues to be wonderfully helpful. may this Season of Light's Coming bring to you and hannah and all your loved ones continued and gentle happiness . endless L, n

Your "moving from seeking Truth to Loving Truth," and a lot of other stuff you write about leads me to proclaim: Girl, you are DONE!

Once upon a time in this forum, I think it was you, Christine or the other "eager beaver" recommended some additional books regarding awakening. Eckhart Tolle, Adyashante, and one of the books was "The Leap" by Steve Taylor. Take the "Inventory" on page 273 and see where you are at. I betchya you're, how the young people say: Woke.

I ordered and read "The Leap." I would say it "put words to" a lot of what I am experiencing, in the same way Liz's reading Jan Frazier's book "When Fear Falls Away," revealed some things to Liz.

Life is still life-ing, just a whole lot more peacefully...and to nobody!

Much love.
nicci said…
dearest cairn,

i assure you i am not done, and have only a fleeting idea, likely mistaken, about where i am. (or who... or what...) often when it looks like i am on a miracle-minded roll and am floating in euphoria, i awaken the next day to raging resistance. fortunately my determination is at least a match. and there is a space between the resistance and the Place where i can go for relief that i now have access to. i trust and take comfort that i am whole in advance of Completion (even though i don't really know what that means...).

steve taylor's works were under my radar: i placed the only one my library has by him on hold and will order "the leap" with the amazon gift card my sister sent me for Christmas just today.

your kind words brought a smile to my afternoon. HS has sent you to me.

endlessly grateful for my sister on the path, n
ACIM Mentor said…
Nicci, I'm glad you find my work useful. And thank you for the well wishes. Happy Holidays!
Deb said…
On a walk I experienced a miracle to remind this mind that what it was perceiving was false, then resistance seemed to follow and when abated, vaster understanding.

Now processing and sittjng with the question of what is this experience called "awakening" I was guided to the form, a video of Rupert Spira and share what was journaled.

"When the doors of perception are cleansed everything will be seen as it really is, infinite. When the mind is cleansed of time and space, what seems to be finite will be seen as infinite. You know it through the experience of Beauty, of Love. That's what the experience of Beauty is. That's how you experience It. Thoughtless Love. Beauty, or Love is the experience of the collaspe of the distinction between self and other.

The way the world appears doesn't change but the way you experience that appearance does change.

This is not yet my experience. Liz's share, the experience of the world is different, this is how further understanding came through.

In gratitude, Deb
I am glad you posted, as you are the “eager beaver” that lead me to “The Leap”...which was much needed to confirm some stuff I was experiencing...even after my personal mentor insisted I was Done.

I like what you posted from Rupert Spira and find that to be Truth...watered down with words, Relevant though....yet there are no words for This.

I find your first paragraph of your post is very Truth-oriented...It is huge Knowledge. For you to be able to notice the falseness, the resistance, then the Peace is a Huge miracle.

Be willing to know that you can leave the “thoughts in the head” anytime you choose...when Peace becomes the preference. There is no doubt here that you and nicci have the Peace/Love/Joy deeply anchored in you Now. The ego is just fighting you...that is all. You notice the ego is up, you can leave it at any time....and return to Truth.

The Oneness thingy contains everything.... the humanness and the divine...all the forms and the formless. You will always answer to your name....just not in the same way you were used too for decades (he he)! Much love.

Wonder where Christine is at?
Christine said…
HA!! I think on this blog there are two Christines, lol! I just recently flipped open a very thin, simple, (haha), book "An Introduction to A Course in Miracles", written for the Miracle Distribution Center, by Robert Perry...I underlined the book title, but I don't know how...anyway, here is this quote from the chapter entitled "The Teaching of A Course in Miracles, Reality and Illusion": p. 21...on Oneness: "Heaven is pure oneness. There are no bodies, no different places, and no separate moments of time. There is only an infinite expanse of unified awareness." I underlined the last sentence. I had read this little "primer" before, but this sentence really stuck out this time.
Deb said…
Thank you Cairn for expressions of love and support. Funny, the question ending your post? Funny, the answer is in the question.

"WONDER". . . where Christmas is at!
nicci said…
... thank you all for the Love. i am so blessed. n

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