Ask: Did hitting rock bottom prevent you from hearing the Holy Spirit?

“…Whenever you have faced the rock bottom, did your feelings at the time block out hearing Truth? …” – SS

            Yes, sometimes they did. In those times I would remind myself that Truth was still here, whether or not I was aware of It. This gave me perspective and brought me some relief. It reminded me that Truth did not need me to be aware of It, which diminished for me the significance of anything I was going through in a passing moment.
If I could continue with my practices of turning to Truth (4 Habits for Inner Peace), I did so. But, often, until I actually hit bottom, I would be in too much resistance to engage in any practice. Then I would wait until I did hit bottom (became more miserable than I was resistant) and became willing to open myself to Truth by engaging in them again.

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Christine said…
Was seems to be the opposite is plausible, also! When we are "on top of the world", everything is going our way, fun distractions or occupations...not hearing/ feeling the Holy Spirit's's ok to get lost in fun, good times, etc., awareness of Truth isn't guilt! It's just being aware.
May we ask questions? I have had some, but didn't realize we could here. I have forgotten what they were...
ACIM Mentor said…
Yes, Christine, you can ask questions, but send them in an email if you think it will help others (I get more responses for answered questions, so they seem more popular) and want it answered in the newsletter/blog. Just indicate it in an email to me.

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