Wanting What Will Happen

If I can be said to have a desire, it is for what will happen. It does not make sense to want anything else! To do so would mean opposing myself, because I now know I am That from Which it all unfolds. I no longer feel I am a thread independent of the tapestry. I am the tapestry expressing as this thread.
This makes it very difficult to speak to people who are not on the same path about my experience. Did I want to leave Australia? No; it wasn’t about want. Did I want to stay? Not at the moment, because I could feel leaving was the next step. Do I want to go back? Yes, but that’s because I feel I will. If that changes, I will feel complete with Australia.
Acting is no longer about desire, or want, or motivation for me; it’s about feeling the movement of the unfolding through me. I willingly move as I am moved and my feelings seem to keep pace with the movement.
What do you want? What would make you happy? What are your plans for the future? These are not relevant questions to me anymore! I am here/now. I get up each day and do that day. Sometimes the day includes making plans or arrangements for the future, but I often don’t know this until I’m moved to do it. Decisions often come suddenly, but then they unfold smoothly.
This does not mean I don’t have personal preferences, but they are mild. I was sad to leave people and places I love, but I really feel no different where I am now. Nothing outside of me determines my internal state. I am here/now. Obviously, this is where I’m meant to be.

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a sister said…
in the unfolding from feeling you were a thread that was independent of the Tapestry to being the Tapestry expressing as a thread, was there an interim of experiencing yourself as a thread within the Tapestry...

and would it be a helpful interpretation to understand the course teaching about God taking the final step as being lifted from Tapestry (the Created) into the Weaver (the Creator)?

once again, visual imagery (like Deb's tree line) - the beautiful Tapestry of Love- is helpful in giving my mind greater clarity and bringing me deeper into Present Awareness. thank you ever.

a sister again said…
... and would you say "wanting what will happen" is a state of profound trust, and are you in realization of the peace of God?
ACIM Mentor said…
Sister, as to the interim...I had a vague sense I was a thread in a larger tapestry, but felt I was still somehow independent within it. (You are anticipating a future article!)

I do not feel the tapestry to be of God, so I do not see God as the Weaver of the tapestry. The Weaver would be what ACIM calls the Son of God and I call the split-mind. God taking the final step would be when there was nothing left in my mind but God; no tapestry, no thread.

Wanting what will happen is past trust. It is to where trust leads. What is there to trust when it is me? The Peace of God is always with me, yes, but I would not say I have fully realized It.
a sister said…
thank you Liz.
I have the same sense Liz. I was just asked this afternoon by someone whether I wanted to be in the States more than Australia. I don't feel like I have a personal desire like that at all. I still do have a personal desire to be with my friend who I really love to be with and I do know, not being with him will bring up sadness within me, but more than that I want what's helpful or how things happened, to co-operate with things the way they DID go. The person who questioned me said, "oh so that is your personal preference - to move that way then" and in that sense, "Yes, she's right." I do still have a lot of little personal preferences that might come up e.g. cotton sheets over poly/cotton, which ARE desires but I don't have much ambition or personal desire to DO anything in the world.
Christine said…
Joel Goldsmith wrote in one of his books about this subject...its kind of like being and ice cube in a glass of water and moving when the glass moves...calmly, relaxed, content...going as it takes you. I guess instead of fighting the movement, melting, or freezing over!

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