(We Already) Love One Another

            It is often said by spiritual teachers that we are all here to love each other. I think this is often misheard. People hear this as an instruction, rather than as a statement of how it is. The way to hear it is, no matter how it appears right now, we all do love each other. We live in an expression of Love.
            The moment the idea of the opposite of Truth arose in the mind of Truth it was undone by Truth’s all-encompassing nature. But, as Truth is Timeless, the idea of not-Truth contains time. In time it seems like the idea of not-Truth arose long ago and will be undone in some indefinite future. Time is that instant of not-Truth/the undoing of not-Truth unfolding like a story. So time is the Undoing (Atonement in A Course in Miracles). That means everything, no matter how it looks at this moment, is the extension of Love. Everyone is fulfilling their part perfectly, no matter if they seem to be a million miles away from Love.
            If you believe you are instructed to love others but you don’t feel that Love right now you will feel you are failing. You will feel guilty. You will then probably project that onto others and see a Loveless world and unloving individuals whom you will blame for you feeling a lack of Love. But whether or not you feel Love at this moment you are fulfilling your role perfectly. As is everyone, manifestly or not. If you are reading these words then it is likely your life is the Undoing (Love) made manifest, no matter where you seem to be in the process. You can accept and trust the Undoing, in you and in everyone.
            Love is ever-present in you, in others, and in the world. Experiencing Love is a matter of awareness, not of having to make Love happen. When you are aware of Love in you, you act lovingly. When you are not aware of Love, you call for Love. That is a part of the unfolding, too. There would be no Undoing if there was nothing to undo. So don’t condemn yourself when you do not feel Love. Understand, instead, that the Undoing is a process, for you and everyone, individually and together.

What is your unique role in the Undoing? Let me help you get in touch with it. If you want support and guidance from someone who has been there email me at Liz@acimmentor.com to set up an appointment for mentoring. Learn more at www.acimmentor.com.


a sister said…
wonderful. thank you Liz.
a sister said…
today's calendar lesson is: i see nothing as it is now.

i have been searching for Love in a world i have projected for the purpose of hiding It. turning inward this morning and resting in the Awareness of Christ Presence i heard this message: "Look Here for the Love.
It is you."

your sharing here has strengthened my trust that the Undoing is occurring ... now ... within ....
in Present Love. i will continue to forgive, bless, and join.

thank you again Liz.
Unknown said…
Thank you, Liz/HS, for answering the huge question that had not yet formed in my conscious awareness to ask. I am grateful!
Deb said…
Sadness was rising up . . .
I heard, "Love the way you feel"
At first interpretation, huh, love this feeling? and then, oh, of course, allow the sadness, just be the loving Presence this feeling is arising in. Love the way, or Love is the way.
sister said…
this week's description of the Undoing is the most extraordinary one i have encountered. thank you...

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