World Shattering Truth - For Me

            I get how religions are started. I have had many world-altering, world-shattering experiences in the past couple of years. They have all been profound. Some of them, the movement I’ve felt over and/or within me has been HUGE. But these have all been my experience. They affect no one else.
I find I am not what I thought I was. I have taught this all along and I’ve found it is true! I find what is true for me is true for everyone, but they can’t see it, as much as I might tell them. I find myself in a new world and everyone’s here with me, but they don’t know it.
            But the shifts I’ve experienced were profound and large because of how insignificant and small were what they shattered. A thought system of puniness fell away and my mind, which had adapted itself to littleness, has all sorts of structures in place that must come down to accept its reality, which is far more than the puniness I had accepted as reality. All the drama, though, has to do with this mind and not with What has come. That is, after all, simply corrected consciousness. How could that, in itself, be greatly significant? It is the way it is supposed to be.
            But I can see how some who have had like experiences feel it is something that has happened to the world as well as themselves. It has happened to their world. But, alas, it cannot be shared. All that can be shared is that it is possible to have these experiences. We all seem alone in our spiritual awakening—but we are alone together.
            You may think that realizing, after all the drama, that such deeply profound experiences are due only to my limitations and not because Something Great has arrived would be disappointing. But it is not, because it is a correcting re-orientation. Truth is true, so It should be ordinary. Oh, yes, it’s a radically different view here, but only from the other side is that significant. Here, it is what the view is. The dramatic shifting is, while fascinating, rather exhausting. Settling into the new view is not.

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Desert Man said…
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I simply say it is possible, but not necessary to set from the viewpoint of Infinity. Whether you believe this self can experience that or not is irrelevant. But you might want to check it out for yourself.
will said…
More moving out of the Comfort Zone…

A problem I have with ACIM Forgiveness is my understanding it enough to use it.

The ego’s forgiveness is about something that ‘was done to us.’ Someone hurt our feelings for instance. My entire life experience of forgiveness is wrapped up in this. ‘I’ forgive you for what you did to ‘me.’

The Course Forgiveness is about Forgiving you for something 'you didn’t do'. It is always about something I am doing. To the personal mind this makes no sense. The point of writing this down in the blog is, my finding that the ego (personal mind) is not even slightly interested in clearing this up. Not even kinda. I doubt it will help you either.

I know this because as I practice Forgiveness, I have to keep reframing what I am doing and that isn’t easy. Each time is as hard as the last to keep the process fresh in my mind.

So, I have realized this understanding will have to come from the Holy Spirit. I’m just wasting my time with the ego teaching me about Forgiveness.
ACIM Mentor said…
Will, once upon a time I gave up on forgiveness and trying to "see Christ in my brother". I simply could not do these. I focused on the two things that did work for me: Communing daily with God in a formal meditation and my ongoing relationship with the Holy Spirit. And, lo and behold, as God became real to me and my trust in the HS grew forgiveness happened naturally.
will said…
Thanks Liz,

I'm not really concerning myself with seeing Christ in my brother at this point. I am following these passages:


T-18.IV.6:7-8; T-18.V.2:3-5

This is as big a chunk as I can bite off at this point.
will said…
And this T-18.V.2:6

"On your little faith joined with His understanding, He will build your part in the Atonement and make sure that you fulfill it easily."

I am going to call you for an appointment to talk about this. I was going to do it yesterday but I realized I need to work with it a little longer and see where I end up.
will said…
See, I understand Forgiveness but when the Holy Spirit is bringing up this old garbage from my past that needs Forgiveness one after another in the Holy Instant I can't hold on to it and have to stop and reset the process. Not that big of a thing but Jesus says over and over in this mind training course that these things need to be done correctly and with the right mindset.
ACIM Mentor said…
I look forward to hearing from you, William.
will said…
I include this bit of history on the blog for those who may find it helpful or interesting.

A number of years ago you and I had a short conversation where I asked you,
“So, what do you think about all day cleaning houses?”

It is too long ago to remember anything much of what you said but I do remember my reaction at that time. I heard something to the effect,

“I talk with the Holy Spirit about my past.” Like I said I don’t know what you said and am not even sure I understood what you were talking about. But my reaction in my head was,

“Oh Great! The Course wants me to go over my past!” (Heavy sarcasm and ego rant). “I’m not doing more counseling even if it is with the Holy Spirit…!”

I spend a lot of time alone and have been involved in Forgiveness regularly during the day (and night!). My understanding from what I am reading is the need to Forgive the past, so it is forgotten and you live more fully in the present without the past interference. Now I wonder if that isn’t what you were telling me way back then?
Deb said…
Before I move through the day at hand, which in my world of forgiveness is moving ever so fast, I share my gratitude. The "movement" I am experiencing is all that I am willing to release. Having so much to process, to dismantle, to get at it's roots, some of which was my own shattering experiences, well my greater sense knew I needed help, that I need not go it alone.

Liz is the Timeless Gift given for this mind. Sessions in her Light, has, is immensely valuable for my own path and I am here to say, in this Light, I see my true value, that I am worthy and loved and cared for. The joy Liz brings to this mind during our sessions, well you a4e worth this Joy. Trust had to grow at first and now peace blossoms. Gratitude is what I awakened to now, the Love is her healing rains and I am in the embrace of humility for the Timeless, the Timeless I am.

I am here to state, going deeper, take the hand that knows the way.

Love, deb
Christine said…
A synonym for forgiveness is release. I find that a bit better to describe it...a while ago, I used to take some all day ACIM seminars, not close to of the facilitators described sin, guilt, and fear thusly: sin= the past, guilt= the present, and fear= the future...and all of it is " the long bag we drag "...helpful at the time.
will said…
Doing this alone with the Holy Spirit it becomes very personal between the two of us. I asked for various answers and guidance from Him while this has been going on. I will leave the communication channel clear until I feel we are at a stopping place.
will said…
My personal mind thrives on the confusion of mixed messages. There is no hurry.
ACIM Mentor said…
Gosh, Will, I can't even imagine saying that. I certainly did spend a lot of my cleaning time thinking about things with the HS. At first it was just concepts and such in ACIM or other spiritual teachings. In time...well, whatever came up. Some of that must have been stuff from the past. But I do not remember ever focusing specifically on the past.

Which is not to say I didn't! I just do not remember that. Perhaps I was going through a specific stage of my own "curriculum" and the HS had me focus on the past for a while.
ACIM Mentor said…
Thank you, Deb!

I hope I shorten your process.
will said…
Thanks Liz. Whatever I thought I was hearing jolted me.

Occasionally I talk with old high school friends. They don't know what I'm talking about either. Strange since it is very clear in my mind:-)
a sister said…
this morning while i sat in quiet contemplation of another way of perceiving the world with my Inner Teacher, people i knew in my past and friends i know now came into my awareness. i came into a spaciousness, an awareness, and a joining, a union with them all in what i would describe as a Present Love unfolded. otherness had fallen away. we were all together...

as i came out of that state i felt alone. i wanted to reach out to my brother who was with me and share the experience, but what would i say, what words could i use that would bridge the aloneness? i remembered your blog and returned to read it again. you say we are all alone together. i can however, return to that awareness, that Christ Presence within and be with him there.

perhaps Liz, there is an unseen effect of that joining in the mind of my brother?

in gratitude and wonder for this deep well you are helping me navigate,
a sister
ACIM Mentor said…
Ah, Sister, which of those worlds is real to you? Union or aloneness? Which is the correct view of your brother? You have it: "I can however return to that awareness..." and then you wonder about an unseen effect on him. You have your answer in your experience.
sister said…
thank you.
will said…
Some things are pretty obvious but sometimes I just need a Holy Spirit message. Re reading this week's posts it sank in that Jesus would have all manner of Teachers teaching the Course from all of their personal strengths.

Some come from a Love perspective; some like myself from putting their inner demons and sub conscious to rest. There are all kinds of moments of Forgiveness out there in the world and the Atonement needs us all.
Christine said…
Years ago, at a Christian Science lecture, the lecturer noted that the word "alone" means "all one" kind of abbreviated...maybe yes, maybe no, but I held onto that definition at the time!
sister said…
it is a lovely definition. thank you.
Blogger said…
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