God as "Other"

What seems to be the fear of God is really the fear of your own reality. (T-9.I.2)

Your Oneness with God is not just a warm and fuzzy idea. It is a literal fact. Your fear of God is your fear of yourself; your rejection or denial of God is your rejection or denial of yourself; your guilt over your perceived attack on God is guilt toward yourself for a perceived attack on yourself. Does this make sense?

The ego needs for God to be “other” – different from you – in order to make fear, rejection, denial, attack and guilt real. The “separation” refers to your mind being divided against itself. Healing the separation means returning your mind back to Wholeness – God. But if God is “other”, then the separation may be justified. How can you know you can trust God? How can you know for sure that you won’t be punished? The one thing the ego does not want you to experience is that you are One with God. As long as there is some space between you and God, there is room for doubt about God. And in that little room the ego thrives.

The journey to God is merely the reawakening of the knowledge of where you are always, and what you are forever. (T-8.VI.9)

How safe you can feel knowing you are returning Home, not to a stranger, but to your Self.

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