The Simplicity of One Goal

As a student of A Course in Miracles your goal is to become a teacher of God. This requires a huge internal shift that may or may not manifest “out there” in the world. Now, instead of the world being your end it becomes your means.

Your job or career; your relationships; your finances; all the “things” you have accumulated – now all of these are not ends in themselves, but means to your awakening. When you encounter others throughout the day they are no longer family, friends, co-workers, customers – they are your Self. You work where you work or go where you go because these are the places you need to be to learn what you have to learn to awaken.

Changes may occur “out there”. You may change jobs or where you live. People will drop away; others will show up. But you now know every change has a greater purpose than it seems to have on the surface.

Now you don’t have many goals. Your life is simplified because you have one unified goal in every situation and every encounter.
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