The Experience of God

Ah, bliss!

Sometimes when you are stuck or feeling discouraged on your path it helps to remember the goal, not in general terms, but the actual experience you are moving toward. Even if you haven’t experienced peace and wholeness for a while, or if you are new to the Course and think you have not experienced them at all, it can help to imagine and contemplate what it is to be in God and free from all illusions. Words fall far short of the experience, and the experience cannot be conveyed to you by them, but try to imagine these experiences and see what happens:

Peace, pure and deep, that extends everywhere.
Joy and Love that rise to ecstasy.
Wholeness and fulfillment so complete the idea of lack or need does not even exist.
Security so sure doubt of any kind is not possible.

These experiences are Truth, they are what you really are. Now contemplate that!


Paula said…
Liz, Holy Spirit has been guiding me through my time communing with God over the last few days by suggesting similar things to what you've written in your post.

Things suggested to me have been:
Consider yourself within God and He within you (One)
There are no thoughts, there is no world, just Being
Take the time to imagine and truly feel what it would be like to be wholly protected, there's nothing else but protection and you are in it. (This last step was emphasised greatly and to REALLY just Know this is how It, Being in God, is like.)

I resisted the last idea for awhile because I seemed to be more interested in being concerned about what 'thing' might jump out of the blue and 'get me' but then I started liking the idea of being wholly protected and within that idea I didn't need to analyse or evaluate anything, anyone or any event. I could drop away all thoughts of being attacked or having to attack. I wasn't concerned with a body or a world because why would I have any interest in them if I know my protection isn't there. It was an airy experience because there was no need of anything for anything except for the awareness that this was exactly what I had been seeking. I could Be because all is fine.

I wanted to share this just because I wanted to.
Paula said…
Ooh, I just had a new idea which seems to reach higher than the previous ones. When Being is Knowing that It is All then there's no need to want protection because It only knows Itself! How awesome is that?!
ACIM Mentor said…
Fantastic experiences and insights, Paula.

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