Overcoming Fear

All fear is ultimately reducible to the basic misperception that you have the ability to usurp the power of God. (T-2.I.4)

Think of something in this world you are afraid of right now.

You fear it because you believe it is real.
If it is real, then it means you have successfully overcome God.
Now you feel guilty and fear that God will punish you.
This is the true source of your fear.

When you turn your mind over to your Holy Spirit you are acknowledging:

Only God is real.
What is appearing is not real.
You don’t have the power to change what God created.
Therefore, there is nothing to feel guilty about or to fear.



AndrĂ© said…
thanx liz,

u made my day

once again

in the name of


Anonymous said…
I can appreciate that this is TRUE but not to the extend of overcoming certain fisical perception For instance I fear a spinal tap or a surgery and all this Theaching has not yet made me free from beleve that ...I say this knowing that it is a matter of perception but still...when fisical pain comes in the picture all my good will become wortless!I really have to work on this,,,
Anonymous said…
This is weak advice if you have a serious issue like if you're about to get your head sawed off. Or even real personal issues like alcholism drug addiction molestation these lofty ideas only work if everything in your life is going well.

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