Do I Have to Give Up...?

Students often ask me, sometimes indirectly, if they have to give up what they value. Single students may ask if it is okay to date; someone who likes to travel may wonder why they should continue to learn about the world; a careerist may question their ambition. It is normal to start questioning your values once you embark on a path of awakening from the world.

But often students have only intellectually challenged their values. These values are still real to them. You do not have to give up anything until it seems easy and natural to do so. Otherwise you will feel you are sacrificing, and this is in direct opposition to the Holy Spirit’s goal. Everything you now value can be used by your Holy Spirit to teach you forgiveness. In the examples above, each person will learn a new purpose for what they value. Forgiveness will show them what is real and what is not, what part of their goal has value as they awaken, and what is an obstacle to their awakening. As they learn to value what is truly valuable, the rest will fall away naturally.

Turn everything you value over to your Holy Spirit and watch it be purified, not taken away. In time, your values will change and you will not seek for anything in the world. But until then, do not force it. Do not pretend you do not value what you do value. Denial and sacrifice will only delay you on your path. Openness, honesty and a willingness to be guided by your Holy Spirit will speed you on your path.


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