Miracles are expressions of love, but they may not always have observable effects. (T-1.I.35)

The other day I was in a doctor’s waiting room with several people who were obviously ill. I got into a conversation with a very ill woman and her mother. We talked about her various illnesses as well as the illness of the person I was with. In quiet moments, in breaks of the conversation, however, I stopped to remember Truth. I never said anything out loud, but in my mind I remembered “Only the Truth is true” and looked past what was appearing to Truth.

Did anyone in the room suddenly jump up all healed and whole again? No, but we were all healed. I know because I saw Truth, I felt the connection. That is the healing. To be concerned with what is appearing is to be lost. Because what is appearing – be it “health” or “sickness”-- is always false. This is what forgiveness recognizes.

What motivated me to remember Truth was not a desire to heal anyone else. I simply did not want to get so caught up in what was appearing that I forgot Truth. I didn’t want to be distracted from my true purpose, which is forgiveness. I didn’t want to get “sucked into” ego’s fascination with death and its many forms. My motivation was my own desire to remain at peace.

When you offer healing and feel the connection, then you can be sure healing has occurred everywhere. It does not just happen here or there because we are One Mind. Every healing thought ever offered is One and as such is available to all of us all the time. You are healed when you accept healing.

A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware. (T-1.I.45)


sosolobi said…
this is quite confusing (of course). when being/feeling ill and the body feels pain, it is as if we should ignore this and go into a state of denial (?). Should we say, "I am not my body". well not easy in moments that thinking is almost impossible because of pain. What I know is that if I stay with the pain, and try to meditate, I often "loose" my body, and then I can't feel the pain anymore. I feel peaceful and calm, and in what I call "the endless rippleless ocean". This is - for me - a nice escape/getaway for a while.
What IS truth? denying that there is illness and pain? I've been trying to get a grasp of ACIM but the penny hasn't dropped yet probably.
ACIM Mentor said…
Denying your experience is never helpful, Sosolobi. You can acknowledge what you are feeling while also acknowleding that it is not Truth. For example, "I am feeling pain/ill, but this is caused by a false idea in my mind. Only God is Real."
It sounds like you are on the right track with your meditation if it gets you to a place of Peace.

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